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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union: A "green job" in every pot

“This president (Obama) won the presidency under false pretenses.”--Sue Henry, WILK, earlier today.

Damn straight, girl!

Read only in the event that you are a girl named Sue: (Please don’t tell Nancy I called you a girl.)

Damn straight, woman!

The pretender is long on promises, woefully short on results. The faker is all style and no substance. In short, he’s the rhetorical champion of the political world, but has no practical, useable experience of any sort.

Anybody but Bush. Isn’t that what the easily-led told us last year, anybody but Bush? Let's amend that to read, anybody but the bust.

Practically every news outlet and poliblogger within spitting distance has reported that State Senator Raphael “Ray” Musto is retiring from the State Senate.

From the Times Leader:

State Senator Raphael “Ray” Musto (D-Luzerne/Carbon/Monroe) announced today that he will not seek re-election and retire from the Senate at the end of his current term."

After nearly 40 years of public service to the citizens of the Northeast and seven terms serving the 14th Senatorial District, it is time to retire from the Senate," Musto said in a release.

Being the complete surprise that this development is, the result should be a political free-for-fall for that long spoken-for seat of his.

I guess the promotions in the Wilkes-Barre fire department won’t go through his office anymore. Or those state-level EMS coordinator jobs either. Whatever.

Don’t matter none too much to me.

Gene Stilp is at it again.

Short and sweet, his latest crime-fighting foray, a corruption tip line from which he‘ll forward the tips right to the investigating Feds.

Lackawanna County Courthouse Crime Watch
P.O. Box 20133
Scranton, PA 18503.

I love it. I do.

Here’s a good question posted by Kayak Dude.

Who would allow natural gas-drilling operations to be set up in an unprotected flood plain? He says it better. Plus, he’s captured some rather telling images.

Follow the link.

Susquehanna River Sentinel

Finally, we have the State of the Union address slated for later on tonight.

I, I, I am going to watch it, even though I already know it will be a complete waste of my time.

For example, it was reported today on WILK that one of the initiatives to be announced will be tax incentives for those who invest in wind turbines and solar energy. I kid you not.

In other words, new “green jobs.” In still other words, street parlance if you will…no new fu>king jobs!

What is it with this guy?

Tone-deafness? Arrogance? Ideological stubbornness? Or a clueless disconnect?

Repeat after me…


Buh-bye, Oblahblah. Don’t let the unfulfilled hope & change bit bite you in the ass on your way out. Or should I say, bite you all over again.

Get back on your Trojan Horse and get out of town by sundown.


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D.B. Echo said...

Mark, I wish you could work with Kayak Dude to make his site a little more - well, if not user-friendly, then at least reference-ready. Permalinks, RSS feeds, stuff like that. I can't find a way to link directly to a specific post, and I would love to get a notification whenever he's done a new post.

That one from today is definitely worth sharing. Do any media outlets know the location where Kayak Dude took those pictures? Somebody's gotta be held accountable for this - but if people don't know about it, nothing will happen.