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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


And now, a message from our clueless, ahem, leader...

Ah, Barack, the all-knowing, all-seeing charlatan. It’s not a matter of his having been wrong. It’s more a matter of his never being right. He is the most well-spoken clueless asshole ever to have rolled into town pitching exotic snake oils.

Merry Labor Day. War is over. Well, one of them is.

A caller to Sue Henry today reported on breaking news from CNN.

According to the caller, Michelle Obama is pregnant and Barack Obama is blaming George W. Bush.

I can’t recall anyone on the local Internet ever having written a single word about talk show host Glenn Beck. I know I never have. Hell, I’ve never even happened across his radio show.

But after Glenn Beck put out his call to action, and after an estimated (spin it however you like) people showed up in Washington D.C., well, then Glenn Beck shot right to the very top of the vilification list. Yes, at least for a day or two, Sarah Palin was spared the rath of those who pray at the base of the stone tablets ensconced with the latest talking points.

Note to self: You’re either a flamin’ lib, or you’re against us.

Whoopee! No fooling? Freebies for everybody!!!

I attended the big blogger soiree some months back, and I will admit to being severely put off by the ratio of bloggers to politicians. Meaning, I was expecting more from the electronic end of the spectrum and far less from the self-centered and self-aggrandizing end.

So now the boys (whoever they are) want to do it again in a couple of weeks, and I will be making an appearance. But at least this time I’ll know better about what to expect. In other more acerbic words, I’ll expect an even greater preponderance of the conniving and lying variety.

I went to this Facebook event page and learned that Gort has invited damn near all of Luzerne County. And while perusing Tom Borthwick’s site, I found that The Borth has invited all of Lackawanna County.

Now, since these big get-togethers were started by the Northeast Blogging Council in conjunction with those Operatic Society snobs, and being that if even a fraction of those invited promise to attend, don’t come looking to me for any financial outlays when you guys need to rent the entirety of the Cherokee Sun Arena to pull this one off.

Oh, by the way, what do you think of this quote, Mr. Borthwick…

“There are people around here that write for the Huffington Post, in whom I put little faith, one in particular.”--Steve Corbett, 8-30-2010

Translation: Tommy, you suck.

As to the blogger/candidate love fest, scandal and fist fights have been hinted at. Sounds like a plan.

Either way, don’t much matter to me.

I’m still waiting on the details of Gene Stilp’s planned bus caravan to Harrisburg to protest the state’s next to nonexistent oversight of the Marcellus Shale fracking.

Depending on the date, I might just be in on all of that. But before anybody gets any goofy ideas fomenting and the like, I am not walking from Wilkes-Barre to Harrisburg.

Is everyone excited? Frothing?

According to outgoing Congressman Kanjorski, we “might” be getting a hybrid vehicle plant. And if that’s not exciting enough, we “could” be the recipients of 500-1,000 low-paying jobs as part of this 007 training facility.

Yes, you too can be a Fedrule Govmint janitor. Or if you’re really, really politically connected, a hair-netted cafeteria line worker.

Sure, you won’t get rich if you land one of these positions. But if the 007 facility does come to NEPA, and if you do know somebody, remember, these are Fedrule Govmint jobs meaning you can retire long before you’ll need Just for Men.

Then again, Paul Kanjorski is always full of empty promises as the next election grows near, promises that never materialize once those elections are in the rear-view mirror.

Inflatable cargo airport, anyone?

Inflatable water-jet technology?

Inflated ego despite the clear lack of results?

He hacks on Lou Barletta's stones over Hazleton’s unemployment rate? Really?

Well, after 26 years on the hill and all of that supposed seniority we keep hearing about at election time, what’s he got to say about NEPA’s unwanted tradition of having the highest unemployment rates in the entire state?

Oh, that’s right. He already said it. Again, that is.

Maybe, could be, you never know.



Tom Borthwick said...

First, I would like to point out that I routinely make snide comments about Glenn Beck on my blog.

Second, yes, Corbett and I had an exchange in which I wanted to quote somebody, and he informed me that that was bad journalism. I failed to understand.

Tom Borthwick said...

Turns out it wasn't me! I'm both relieved and disappointed. How is that possible?

Donald John Williams said...

Markie: Gene Stilp walked from Harrisburg to the Wyoming Monument last year to raise funds to repair said obelisk. Piece of cake. Five days should do it.

Big Dan said...

Yeah, I represent that remark! I just did a "piece" (WHO said PIECE OF CRAP??? Why, I oughtta......!!!!!!!!!) on Glenn Beck being Jim Jones of KOOK-AID drinking fame!!!

Messenger from GOD (or false prophet) - The Glenn Beck cult, just like Jim Jones.....only with his own TV channel: FOX "news"!!!

Big Dan said...

I get NO RESPECT...I tellz ya..............

Big Dan said...

And with my famous tongue-in-check humor, no less!!! Boy, I tellz ya!!!!!!!!!!