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Monday, August 30, 2010

The "Walk"

I ain't been writing of late simply because I've been in a kind of dark place.

First of all, three weeks ago somebody got a hold of my debit card number and made sophistry of my checking account. Plus, I've been "om call" at work for two weeks, which means I've been held hostage to all possible emergencies. Oh, and a tooth blew up on Friday.

Fact: I had a call right in the middle of Gas Stock. Seems a skunk pulled a rather bulky ground nest of Yellow Jackets out of he mulch bed and onto the sidewalk in a very public place. And the rig did roll. Rats!

Three days from now, I'm making a financial move that will leave me 100% debt free. Yep, after the passage of a few business days, I will be beholding to no one from here on out. Basically, I'm prepping up for the double-dip depression. I've also been researching firearms.

I put together a slide show account of The Walk, Kayak Dude's now famous trek from Wilkes-Barre to Lehman. And just as soon as I uploaded it to YouTube, the music I embedded was flagged and muted. Pricks.

I figured by using a Lime wire file I would prevent that from happening, but these folks at YouTube do not want forgotten songs such as XTC's 'Senses Working Overtime' remembered. Whatever.

So I used the Audio Swap feature and settled on Musicshake's 'Being a Soldier.'


Anyway, this is the thingie I made.

The Walk to Gas Stock (5:08)


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WBFF088 said...

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