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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Left sez to the Right: Fight nice while we rip you a new one

It’s horrible to think that a town meeting with a member of Congress could turn into a maelstrom of bullets. It’s also beyond belief that average folks are legally in possession of automatic weapons with 30-shot clips. When the civilians are more heavily armed than the police out on patrol, something has gone awry.

As a result of this regrettable incident in Arizona, the folks leaning to the left were lightning quick to blame the “vitriolic rhetoric” coming from the folks that lean right for this needless pogrom. That wholesale indictment of the dogmatic coming from the equally dogmatic is as absurd as it is devoid of merit. Insert finger, puke.

The obviously deranged shooter, Loughner, lists "The Communist Manifesto" and "Mein Kampf" among his favorite books on his MySpace page. Yeah, he sounds like a real died-in-the-wool right-wing, bible-thumping gun nut to me.

Books have inspired the unstable to take action. Movies have done the same. And a Beatles tune even helped to motivate a hapless mass murderer in the making. So even if incendiary political discourse helps to further delude the deluded, it’s beyond our control to know where and when the next nut job will strike and why. That’s why the self-serving howling coming from the left isn’t worth the electronic ether it’s being printed on.

Interestingly, when a gunman goes berserk for any number of reasons not related to the almighty government, the left barely takes note and moves on. Oh, but when the beloved government serves as a motivator of violence, well, then cries for action and retribution and vengeance and even more legislation immediately go out.

Funny though, while they steadfastly maintain that the separation of church and state is an absolute must, they pray at the altar of the state.

Some from the Entitlement Party are linking this incident to talk radio and, you know, Fox News. Just like they did back in 1995 when a couple of disgruntled boobs took down a federal building with some fertilizer and a couple of Evereadys.

References to Rush and Beck and Palin are being made, those supposed heroes of the bitter, clinging homophobes, racists, sexists and those who visit McDonald‘s. Well, that was all bullspit back then. And it’s complete bullspit now.

What the left is telling you is, tone it down, while they continue to crank it up; the accusatory, the incendiary and the vitriolic rhetoric. They reserve the right to assign labels, while you must self-censure. And every time somebody goes way off of their meds, you will be reminded that “hate speech” and all of that purposefully crafted malarkey is subject to exclusivity rights.

It takes two to tango. Be mindful of that as the feigned concern rains down from the left.

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to partake of a town meeting with anyone that calls Washington D.C. home. What? Are they going to listen to your concerns and take action? No. From their comfy perch of perceived superiority, they will interrupt you and proceed to tell you how you don’t understand what you think you understand. Right, Uncle Paul?

"Nuts with (insert politically expedient word here)?"

Close the borders? Why would we want to provide for our sovereignty and protect American citizens from the bevy of illegal invaders when we’ve got bigger concerns like providing for the safety of the privileged, elected upper, upper class? Silly, silly taxpayer.

In closing, I see absolutely nothing wrong with shouting down a member of Congress when they make a rare appearance in their district and expect it to be a good old-fashioned communal love-in. And here’s why…

I didn’t screw up everything that could possibly be screwed up. And neither did you. No, the reason Amerika is fast becoming a second-rate, third world country is because those 535-plus two jackasses in Washington keep shooting themselves, as well as us, in the foot that China now owns.

Was that too vitriolic?



Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of odd how the left chooses to blame everyone; everyone except the guy who actually committed the murders.

Anonymous said...

I was curious where our local NEWStalk station was on this yesterday. I saw this on television and had to be out on the road most of the day, I thought for sure a radio station so focused on NEWS would have covered this. Nope, just paid programing all afternoon. So when I got home I thought I would check the NEWStalk station's website for at least a link to more information. Nope, it isn't even mentioned on their website.
I guess they are only a NEWS station between 6am and 7pm Mon thru Friday. Yes, I know this wasn't a local story, but wouldn't a station as dedicated to NEWS as Corbett constantly emphasizes think a member of U.S. Congress being shot and a Federal Judge being murdered would be NEWS enough to at least flip a switch and run a national feed?
What is your opinion on this?

zorcong said...

To start with, I know next to nothing about managing a talk radio station. Thing is, I’ve always had some serious earning potential, so I never had to endure the steep pay cut that would accompany working in such a capacity.

I guess what you’re asking is, does WILK suck on the weekend? Sure it does. And to best of my recollection, it always did.

The way I figure it, if they thought the weekends deserved more of an effort, they would make more of an effort. If they thought the listeners were there in appreciable numbers, they’d likely devote more money and manpower to them. If the market was there to be had, they’d be interested in capturing it. And the fact that they do not put much into the weekends clearly suggests that the paltry numbers are not worth the investment.

Still, that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, I suppose. I dunno.

As for me, if it’s warm out on the weekends, I have no time for WILK. If it’s too cold to wander about aimlessly, I listen to Joe Thomas’ sports show, those two crazy chicks that precede him and that’s about it.

With all of that having been typed, I “followed” the shooting event just fine without the assistance of WILK.

More accurately put, I knew about it.

Anonymous said...

@@I guess they are only a NEWS station between 6am and 7pm Mon thru Friday.@@@

Dont you mean 6am to 3pm?

Anonymous said...

According to an AZ newspaper; a friend described the alleged shooter as a drinker, pothead, philisophical and thinks everyone is unintelligent. Doesn\'t sound like a right wing radio listner, does sound familiar?