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Friday, October 28, 2011

From the email inbox

How is my favorite termite inspector? I am asking for your help in getting the word out on this. HELP. Thanks.

NMA Pennsylvania Alert: Act Now to Stop Red-Light Camera Expansion

Dear Pennsylvania Member,
Red-light cameras may be coming to a city near you, now that the Pennsylvania Senate has approved SB595. The bill authorizes the spread of red-light cameras to 19 cities, including Pittsburgh, Scranton and Harrisburg.
The measure is moving quickly to the House, and we need swift action to stop it. One Pennsylvania member who's very active on this issue urges others to take the following steps:

Contact not only your House member, but the entire House membership to tell them their vote affects you directly.

If you can't speak to the member, ask for their chief of staff or legislative director.

Be patient and polite and voice your concerns to whomever will listen.

The National Motorists Association categorically opposes red-light cameras and other automated traffic enforcement systems. (Learn more about the NMA's arguments against red-light cameras here.)
Philadelphia is the only city in the state currently using red-light cameras. With your help we can keep it that way.
John Bowman

National Motorists Association

1 comment:

D.B. Echo said...

Heh. I've been all paranoid about those things-that-look-like-cameras on the red lights in Nanticoke. But I would pay good money for some stop sign cameras. I can't tell you how many touch-and-go / slow-then-go / speed-up-and-blow-through non-stops I see at Nanticoke's intersections.

But, yeah, over and over, the story goes that when red light cameras are installed, they become a self-sustaining, unappealable source of revenue.