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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sophists on the march

Another day, another laughable political stunt here in Wilkes-Barre…

From The Times Leader: Council candidate files complaints against mayor, former administrator

The excerpt: WILKES-BARRE - City council candidate Linda Urban filed private criminal complaints against city Mayor Tom Leighton and his former administrator, J.J. Murphy, regarding the installation of security systems at their homes in 2004.
The complaint against Leighton alleges he committed misappropriation of public funds by an elected official and the complaint against Murphy alleges he committed "theft and possibly larceny," Urban said today.
How about if we charge somebody for wasting the time of a district magistrate and a district attorney?

You know, if the half a dozen or so insurgents keep it up at this dizzying pace, it’s going to backfire on them. After screaming “corruption” for one hundred days on end, it’d sure be helpful to their flagging credibility if they actually had proof of some corruption.

During mayoral candidate Lisa Cope’s most recent appearance on WILK’s Corbett, she said, “…we’ve been working hard to expose the corruption, and we’ve proven it.”

Really? Uh, proven what exactly?

So what’s on tap for tomorrow? Wilkes-Barre activist claims Tom Leighton kicked his three-legged puppy? Probably.

What we have going on here is overkill gone overzealous gone full-blown overbearing. And the backlash is building while the majority of registered voters in this city realize that the two pretenders to the throne are simply unacceptable.

Food for thought: If galaxies were to collide and the nightmare scenario actually played out whereas the Crime Watch leaps from behind their drawn curtains and captures Wilkes-Barre by force, how in the hell does a police officer's wife negotiate a new police contract? No conflict of interest there. No cries of corruption with that.

I'd bet those who would be the sophist kings never thought of that.



Anonymous said...

Markie markie, If memory serves correctly, Christine Jensen the recently retired Human Resources director is married to a long time city police detective and always negotiated the police and fire contracts as well as testifying at all of the arbitration hearings for both unions. It has been going on for well over 20 years.

Mark said...

Oh, please...spare me. She did not negotiate any contract of note as if by freelance. And to suggest otherwise is flatulence.

The past mayors as well as the current mayor have gotten the praise (yeah, right!)/blame for any and all union contracts.

But now that we've got the Lightweight Revolution afoot, appearances no longer matter?

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Markie,,, I agree that this is a double standard. You misunderstand. I know christine did most of the negotiating and all of the arbitration hearings over a 20 year period. I was involved in many of them. I am a huge supporter of the Mayor. I think he has done a good job for the city. But your statement is wrong. You are shooting from the hip on this one without doing your homework. Unusual for you.

Mark said...

The difference being Christine Jensen was not the mayor.

My point was about public perception and how easily it could turn on the next guy or gal.


Anonymous said...

Wake up Mark and take off the blinders. Your boy Tommy is dirty and now the truth is finally coming out. Jobs for his family, security system for his house paid for by the taxpayers, illegal land deals with his supporters, credit card charges for lunches, hotels and travel. Sounds like the beginings of the Luzerne County corruption case, doesn't it? I thought we could expect more for you as a watchdog. I guess your just Tommy's lap dog now.

Anonymous said...

I guess these people missed Hayward on Facebook saying he also had multiple trips and had lunches paid for by the city. Funny how Jimmy also had his daughter hired for a summer job. Now Leighton does the same thing and people are flipping out.

Mark said...

Lap dog, eh?

Here it comes, the electronic version of beer muscles. Anonymity-fueled beer muscles, that is.

I yawn in your general direction.

Blinders? Yeah, right. Where were you when McG hired his brother to mismanage the parks department at $51,000 per? I know were I was: Right here pointing it out to a disinterested populace.

And I was the guy some ten years ago who said the disadvantaged kids in the public housing projects should have the first shot at the summer jobs.


Open prehensile mouth, insert virile member.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mickey-G have an alarm system installed at his home at taxpayer expense?