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Monday, October 3, 2011

Must-see Hotel Sterling pics

I'm busy watching football again.

But I took a quick look at some of the localized sites and ran across these startling pictures of the rapidly disintegrating interior of the Hotel Sterling.

I used to give the CityVest players the benefit of the doubt. I honestly thought they had done a yeoman's job of trying to resuscitate the old building, while also giving them a pass for not managing to do so once the economy and the real estate market and the financial markets and the rest of it went rouge on us.

But after seeing the pictures, especially the pictures of the so-called mothballed roof, I now have to wonder where in the hell the millions of dollars went. I'd say CityVest has some splaining to do.

Thanks, Dan.

Excellent pics.


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Harry Dean Stanton said...

Were the people who paid to build the Sterling misled that the columns were marble? I find that fascinating stuff! The ultimate rip off.