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Saturday, December 17, 2011


A response to a comment followed by circumlocuting and then some.

Gort said...

This Youtube access must be a new venture for you sir.

No, fact is, my ages-old pissing match with Verizon which had me banned to the muddied killing fields of dial-up has come to a screeching halt. I'm loyal to a fault, but it's become obvious that Verizon views it's DSL landline customers much the the same way health care professionals view lepers.

I have a new DSL provider, I'm having some fun with some long-lost videos but, let us not forget that I was the first local blogger to embed a YouTube video, as well as the first local blogger to embed a video featuring original content. While I may not give a hoot about being cutting-edge these days, remember, there was a time when most of you were playing catch-up. In fact, all of you were bringing up the electronic rear-guard.

Check this video I posted after first-ever blogger soiree held at Mark's Pub.


After the video, I posted a couple of pictures of the particpants. And I was quickly castigated by those very same participants for daring to reveal their identities. You see, it never occurred to me that those who would ramble on electronically, and those who would likeise gather in public would object to being outed. But some did object. So I deleted said video and said pictures.

Look, I apologize if my output of late has been boring. I never thought of any of it as being boring, but I've been punched in the head a couple of hundred times too many.

In Washington, a charlatan is leading us to financial ruin.

In Harrisburg, a new governor is leading us to dried-out watery tributaries as a way of filling his campaign coffers.   

In Wilkes-Barre, an anorexic-looking Santa and her clueless elves think council meetings should be reduced to tired circus stunts.

In the local blog-a-rama, what once was the ultimate in citizen activism has now morphed into being the endless pursuit of celebrity.

Y'all can think whatever you want, but I see or feel no shame for retreating to the relative safety of great musical performances gone by.



Larry Schultz said...

Great memories buddy. Hope you and your family have a great holiday.

Mark Cour said...

Dude, was that you sitting on that porch when I was making my way to that public housing project? I looked. I did a double take. And then another.

Larry Schultz said...

Yea it was. I saw the truck but didn't think it was you because it wasn't your black truck. Next time stop in if you see the van.