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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday one-liners

According to a Drudge link, Colorado lawmakers are mulling tax breaks for marijuana farmers. While it’s unlikely to come to pass, it does have support in some circles.

So, while short-sighted government meddling, higher taxes and excessive regulation continue to hit consumers in the wallet, marijuana occupies the time of those who would be king. And we wonder why the country is back-sliding before our very eyes.

Why is it that only a scant few Americans are allowed to participate in the Olympic games?

Perhaps Barry Oblahblah and his hapless, collectivist myrmidons should address this obvious physicality inequality?

The Hugo Selenski trial has been delayed once again.

So…what else is new?

I don’t care what any self-aggrandizing talk jock says, I am not shirking any implied civic duty by feeling a sense of Kids-for-Cash fatigue.

They did it. They were convicted. They are in cages for life. I get it. You are in the newly-released documentary. Big effing whoop! Move on. There’s nothing else to see here.

And, no! I am not at all embarrassed by my zip code.

I am not corrupt. I am not a party to nepotism, payoffs, graft or any quid quo pros.

Now ‘corruption of a minor’ charges have emanated from my alma mater---Coughlin High School. I cannot understand how and why these teachers are so damned stupid, so willing to risk it all for quick thrill.

When I was an assistant manager of a local restaurant, we had 100-plus female employees on the schedule throughout any given year, many of whom were minors. And there were those female minors who were quite, uh, quite frisky if you know what I mean. With some, their reputations preceded them.

And when you’re a year or two or three removed from your teen years, said female employees are definitely in your age group. But, to risk it all; career, marriage, kids and the like?

Nope. Never went there. I’m half-crazy, just not nuts. And apparently, much smarter than a growing number of our local teachers.

I don’t get this prolonged investigation of the “missing gas” in Wilkes-Barre by the district attorney’s office.

Follow me here. If the records are partially missing or wholly shoddy or otherwise nonexistent, how can it be determined with any certainty that anything was illegally partaken of?

I dunno. It’s just that it sounds like much ado about nothing.

Whatever, man.


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