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Monday, February 24, 2014


The former Salvation Army flop house on Hazle Avenue is no more.

Seems the parolees moved into some new digs some months ago.

I once walked from Wilkes-Barre to this facility to take in a Coughlin football game.

It's named after some local these days, but most of us would remember it as being Wyoming Area stadium. During that long ago walkabout, I traded fists and one foot with one of the locals on Boston Avenue. Yeah, Carmen was being cheered on by his rowdy compatriots right up until the moment when his eyed rolled back, then me and my cousin and his neighbor ran away giggling and slapping five. Coughlin lost.

Depending on how things in Ukraine play out, Russian troops and T-72s could be swooping into the former Soviet property any day now.

Vladimir Putin has this grand scheme by which most of the former Soviet Union would be rejoined in an "economic union," and a Ukraine looking to align itself with the West rather than with Russia just will not do.

In addition, Ukraine leases the home of Russia's Black Sea fleet to Russia, and never, ever will Putin allow that base to be threatened in any way by anything of any sort---especially nationalist pride run amok.

I did not watch a single minute of the winter olympics.

Who cares?

Cable bill got you down?

Google "Roku 3."

I did.

Bye, bye cable bill.


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