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Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping Soviet style

The collectivists, sorry, I meant to say the Democrats think centralized, one-party control leads to good outcomes?


Nyet, nyet, nyet!!!



Anonymous said...

Mark, Don't you know that our Democratic party is made up of people that are much smarter and know what's best for us? They are convinced that the only reason Socialism hasn't worked for almost 100 years is that they weren't the ones implementing it. Just look at Obamacare and how well that is working to understand why your thinking is wrong and you show just submit to their directives (heavy sarcasm included)

Forty Fort Dude

Mark Cour said...

Yes sir, those Democrats are so completely smart, we cannot afford to fill potholes when they appear.

Still, we can afford (?) to offer "free" health care to the twenty-somethings---the less than motivated, tattooed and pierced do-nothings---playing Xrot in daddy's basement.

Yes, it's hip to be a progressive.

Unfortunately, it's better being practical and smart.