ssǝɹddns ɹou ɹɐǝɟ ɹǝɥʇıǝu plnoʍ ʎʇǝıɔos ǝǝɹɟ ʎlnɹʇ ɐ ʇɐɥʇ ƃuıʇnɔolɯnɔɹıɔ suıɐʇuoɔ ǝʇıs sıɥʇ

Saturday, January 3, 2015

EJC's fiddle

Been busy with work, life and assholes, but this shout out goes to Alsea, Oregon:

Tell dear ole Dad that his ancient fiddle is headed off to the repair shop, about to be fiddled on yet again.

 Above: Great-granddaughter, Taylor Kate, with the aged violin. Yes, that's "great-granddaughter."

Above: EJC circa 1943?



Stephen Albert said...

Nice to see this...all three of my daughters played violin or viola...playing an instrument is something I think all kids should be given the opportunity to try. The fact that yours is a family instrument makes it all the better. As for me? I actually seem to have negative musical talent, as in I can't even clap my hands in time.

Mark Cour said...

Steve, Taylor definately takes after her great-grandfather. She recently auditioned for the Knoxville Youth age 11. I'm impressed.