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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Diversity or: why Kunkle is suddenly looking pretty damn good

The asswipes in charge of this flailing nation relentlessly remind white folk that they need and must wholeheartedly embrace the fast accelerating demographic diversification.

My street was a lily white locale until August 2014.

Now, as the pictures testify to, diversity has arrived, bringing with it weekend-only remodeling without the required building permits (when code enforcement is off-duty), contractor bags filled with refuse being spirited away at dark (illegal dumping?) and construction debris being openly burned in a so-called fire pit.

I love that second pic: indoor Teknor Apex throw carpeting covering the flower bed area.(?)

I have spoken to both the Code Enforcement honcho as well as the mayor. So far, nothing.

In short, if this is what diversity brings with it, you can soon look me up at another lily white locale.


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