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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flashback: October 6, 2005

Does anybody remember this boob?

From the e-mail inbox:

Hi Markie,

I'm a fellow Nord Ender, Coughlin 197X. I'm a local blogger and I think you may have seen my site. I did an around the neighborhood post and I hope you will check it out:


You are the blogfather and I always enjoy your posts. I don't always agree with you but I want to thank you for bringing problems to attention.


Yeah, man. I visit your site. I like it. It's well done. Actually, I absolutely love reading what the locals think about the state of the world. As near as I can tell, there aren't that many bloggers in this valley of ours. I went and checked your post and as it turns out, I've visited every one of those sites at one time or another. I think they all try to convey what they think to be the truth, and not a one of them is offensive in any way unless you're way too far to the right, or off the scale on the left side of things.

The only one I find to be hypocritical is put forth by a blogger who feels free to type away, while seeing to it that an earlier version of my site was deleted by the host due to said blogger's complaints. Sorry, but this free speech stuff has to apply to everyone no matter how stupid they may wish to sound. And if I sound stupid, feel free to tell me so. What the hell, everyone else does.

I was talking to a local celebrity the other day and she said I seem to thrive off of people trying to bust my jewels. She got that right. As Tommy used to always say to those in need of a beating: "If ya wanna fight, we'll f>ckin' fight!!!" Fact is, I do like to mix it up in these electronic forums of ours. But me reminded, I'm not nearly as acerbic in person as I come off as being on the internet.

The "blogfather?" That's a freakin' new one. Somebody once called me the "Rush Limbaugh of Wilkes-Barre," which really isn't the case. Yet another called me the "Matt Drudge of Wilkes-Barre," which, while Tom McGroarty was the mayor, was probably completely accurate. But, the "blogfather?" I like that.

Anyways, y'all should check out Gort 42. Add it to your faves and get a free Sony Playstation III for a limited time only.

Editor's (my) note: That's exactly as it appeared on 10-6-2005.


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D.B. Echo said...

I miss Gort. I hope he opens up again soon. Or I guess I could just ask him for an invite, if he's giving them out.