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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No 'Crossing Over' in Wilkes-Barre

Should we open a work-release facility on the playground of Dan Flood Elementary school? No? Okay, then how about this one...

W-B group will meet with facility principals

WILKES-BARRE – Crossing Over has been described as a “good neighbor” by some, but members of the Downtown Residents Association remain concerned about a proposed change in the neighborhood.

Jim Casey and his sons, James and Shane, operate Crossing Over, a transitional care facility for homeless men on South Main Street. The Caseys plan to sell 80 percent of their interest in the business to Terry Davis, owner/operator of Keystone Correctional Services in Dauphin County.
The deal hinges on a zoning approval from the city to allow expansion of the facility from 50 clients to 130.

Davis plans to renovate the building and convert it into a secure work release facility that would help convicted criminals transition back into the community.

This one is easy.

130 “convicted criminals” residing on South Main Street. 130 bored guys eyeballing the female students of Wilkes University while making their way to class and such. 130 potential crimes in the making.

And, on Main Street, no less.

Jim Casey and his sons, James and Shane, not to mention, Mr. Davis, ought not saddle us with their lowbrow, for-profit schemes that will not benefit the area involved in any conceivable manner, nor will it benefit the city at large. What we have here is a grouping of imaginative but unproductive profiteers who care not for the citizenry around them. All that they really care about is making a profit at our expense.

130? Jeez, why not 250, say, 500 “convicted criminals” residing on Main Street? Think big. Buy another shuttered building and import 1,000 “convicted criminals” to our downtown. The soup kitchen will feed them. The CEO, St. Stephens and the Food Bank will fulfill their most basic of needs. Begging will provide a few beverages of the 40-once alcoholic variety when no one is looking.

All that we’ll need to do is to raise the $52 operational privilege tax to $104 and then hire, train and outfit another platoon of police officers.

If I’m on the zoning board, this one is a NO brainer.

Say no to Crossing Over in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Sez me.


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