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Monday, November 7, 2011

Election Eve or: time for some coin flips

It's election day eve, and I still cannot get up to 11 people I would vote for to serve as our first ever Luzerne County Council.

Harry Haas is a must. Rick Morelli, having served on both the study commission and the transitional committee, seems to be a no-brainer. I will vote for Bible Buck simply because he'd drive everyone crazy with his penchant for quoting scripture.

Blessed are they who do not touch Markie or any of his stuff.

I will vote for Tim Mullen. Ed Brominski adds a unique perspective, being a former commissioner and all. Ill-prepare as she seems, Kathy Dobash also seems to mean well. But after that, I might be reduced to a series of flips of my Boy Scout "good deed" coin.

Since I reside in the Nord End, I can only vote for one city council type, a ridiculous setup. As a registered GOPer, I will vote for the Dem, Mike Merritt. Of the three mayoral candidates, only one of them has even an iota of a freaking clue--Tom Leighton. So, again, the nod goes to the Dem.

County judges? You got me, man. I've tried, but what do I really know about any of these people? I'll pick somebody, I suppose.

This DA thing has me confused. I told myself that I could not vote for a candidate who looks and sounds like a high school senior. But after hearing the sitting DA on WILK's Corbett show a few days ago, I told myself I could not vote for her either. Uh, when all else fails, vote against the incumbents in Corruption County.

That's all I've got for tonight, but check out this eye-opening post about how the role's have reversed in Wilkes-Barre's long-running newspaper war. I never thunk of it like that.

Right to Gripe: Setting the Record Straight


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