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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gov Christie unloads on the do-nothing prez


The truth hurts, Barry.


Stephen Albert said...

It's hard to be happy with anyone in government these days...from the President to Congress. They all seem more interested in style than substance. Funny, in my world (that is the big, bad corporate financial services) I actually am expected to get stuff accomplished. I can't say "well I would have gotten but budget done, but the evil Republicans/Democrats wouldn't let me" and expect to stay employed.

zorcong said...

I hear that!

This year, record termite sales/work for my district.

That is, record sales for the lone termite technician, the tech that used to have a termite sidekick before the economy went so far south, the Falkland Islanders have been looking southward at it.

Out here in the real world, it's get stuff done or get your dead ass replaced.

In D.C., it's politics over real progress.

And it's getting old.