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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Scranton speech

So, President Soreto brought the fleet of jets, the fleet of vehicles, the mobile hospital and the division-strength compliment of Secret Service types in to Scranton and spoke to the adoring government employees and hard-core union wastes for a whopping 25 minutes. That's it?

Wow! What did that briefest of brief campaign stops cost the treasury?

Here's the text of his speech as I heard it on WILK...

People are hurting. And it's the fault of the GOP and the rich. I wanted to create jobs. But the GOP and the rich are blocking me. I want to cut your taxes. But the GOP and the rich won't let me. I can deliver you to utopia by tonight, but some people are not paying their fair share.

Okay, I was paraphrasing, but only a bit.

My favorite chortle came when he said, "We don't give up, we get back up!" to a roar from the crowd.

What I would say to him is, Barry, give it up so that America can climb back up.

With no record of achievement to run on, expect a steady of dose of the obfuscation and the class warfare until he's trounced next November.

What a pretender. What a charlatan.



Anonymous said...

"It is my considered opinion that history will record the greatness of Barack Obama, and it will be recorded at my expense."
Sen. Mitch McConnell, Thanksgiving Day 2011

Anonymous said...

"I can assure you all that I am not in any Wall Street elitists' pocket...I'm way up their asses...all at one time! That's called experience. God Bless America!!"
Cong. Eric Cantor
Veterans Day 2011

Anonymous said...

"One of my first acts as President will be to forward a proposal to the Internation Olympic Committee to introduce the sport of talking out of both sides of ones mouth. I want to be the first sitting President to win a Gold Medal--to hell with that dumb Pulitzer. And to all you unemployed, get a haircut, take a bath, and get a job. Hey, it was good enough for me!!"
Pres. Mitt Romney
January, 2013