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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voter #14 in Nord End

I voted at 7:11 AM. I was voter #14, which suggests a brisk early pace. There were more poll workers than usual, so I got nailed with a bevy of cards.

This one listed below brought on a welcome chortle.

Hate me if you must, but, collectively, this bunch couldn't operate a Slinkie without assistance.

I did it. I frickin' did it. I voted for a 29-year-old district attorney. Screw it. If she's over matched, dump her four years from now. But there was no way I was buying into Musto's well-worn pitch on WILK's Corbett show some nights back.

You know the tired spiel. When it came to Kids-for-Cash, nobody knew nothing, nobody saw nothing, no one suspected anything, no one said anything and not a soul wondered to themselves about anything being seriously amiss with our juvenile court lynchings. Nobody.

Really? Spare me.

Mayor? You know who I voted for, the only candidate who has already provided Wilkes-Barre some capable leadership.

Controller? Kathy Kane has the experience to hit the ground running.

District council? Mike Merritt is low-key, but engaged.

Ah, and Luzerne County Council? This is an eclectic crew, but the crew I picked.

Rick Morelli DEM
Kathy Dobash REP
Harry Haas REP
Ed Brominski DEM
Bible Buck American Independent Party (?)
Tim Mullen LIB
Mike Lacey LIB

That's it, a total of seven. But seven that would probably never settle into some newer version of a good-old-boy network.

Wilkes-Barre Area school mis-director? I voted for one candidate and one candidate only, John Quinn. I know his fiery faults, but I always liked the guy. Even if I did pull the wing nut out of his podium and watch him helplessly crash face-first to the floor in front of the entire class. Statute of limitations?

Luzerne County judges? I went chick, chick and chick: Gelb, Mirabito and Rogers.


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