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Sunday, August 18, 2013


All too often, drivers turn onto our street and make like Mongoose and Snake at a drag lodge. And, here and there, I’ve beckoned them to lay off the accelerator, earning myself quite a few stiffened middle fingers in the briefest of exchanges.

Immediately following any of those fly-bys, an angered driver could have done an about-face looking to settle scores with me. That’d be perfectly fine with me on most days, save for the disturbing fact that wholesale bastardy in this country has made knee-jerk ultra violence---gunplay---a way of conflict resolution for far, far too many of our younger males.

Or, as we had it in Plymouth of late, assault and battery and manslaughter by way of a bumper.

The plain fact is, women can not handle young boys. Never could, never will. So when Johnny went beyond the accepted protocols during a spirited game of dodge ball, dad swiftly kicked his ass after promising the school principal it would never happen again.

Dad always handled the discipline because, as we all know, moms were prone to screaming and freaking and crying and slapping like a girlie…none of which ever impressed any boy worth his weight in mischievousness.

These days, men won’t marry so as to not have their lives ruined by the courts that always err on the feminist side. Our culture has taught young girls that it’s perfectly acceptable to be used like rubber fu>k dolls at age thirteen, which results in children raising children on the public dole.

Throw in lesbian couples raising boys as well as the school’s relentless pursuit of turning rambunctious little boys into well-behaved little girls, and we can see how rampant bastardy in it’s many forms leads to oft-deadly consequences for boys as well as those who dare to annoy them.

Confused? No? And neither are our children borne of bastardy.

And the result?

People acting badly, no matter where you go or what you portend to do. You see it every single day. In traffic, in line, in the big box store, on the streets, on the sidewalks and what have you and whatnot.

And no matter how badly people act out, if you’d rather not cause your own funeral to come about in a flash, you dare not, you cannot call anyone out on their obvious bad behavior.

Whether they act like a tramp, a vagabond, an idiot, a bully, a foul-mouthed blowhard or like Richard Petty, you ought not judge them and you ought not register a verbal complaint.

So mind your tongue and try to ignore all of that societal decay brought on by ill-advised social engineering.

Now go and enjoy your day.


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