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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The new view.

I've really had it up to here with talk radio jocks and prospective candidates posing as activists going on and on and on about how one police chief and one elected official have more or less stood idly by while the destruction of our neighborhoods has been underway in Wilkes-Barre.

If a building is up to code, there is no law preventing absentee landlords from renting to absentee parents. If a particular street, section or neighborhood is peaceful and quiet, a Section 8 property or two will put the kibosh to all of that tranquility. There is no law against big city folk bringing their big city nonsense to Small City, U.S.A. There is no law specifying that we remain the lilly white city we all remember. And there is no law against public assistance being a way of life.

Too many of us are idled...unemployed. Too many of us are just drinking or snorting or shooting up until the next electronic cash transfer. Too many of us collect unemployment benefits for months and months and months on end. Basically, too many of us either never understood the benefits of a strong work ethic, or too many have forgotten while playing beer pong on the public dole.

So, replace that politician. And then sh*tcan that police chief you loathe so much. And when their much-heralded replacements take over, they'll quickly realize that you can't put lipstick on a populace that has gone above and beyond being f''ugly.

Face it, if peace and tranquility is what you want, you'll need to erect a special forces-styled forward fire base in the hills of Oregon. Consider it "white flight" on PEDs.

Don't forget the solar-powered radio.

On a whole other note. NO!...I do not know what happened to Gort!

Seriously, I have not a single clue. And the speculation is useless. I left him two messages, both of which he did not respond to. And over the many years, never did he not respond to my infrequent calls. 

I'm told he is a personal friend of Edward Snowden, so it's possible that he has taken an interest in Vodka of late.

You sure got me by the ball bearings.

And lastly, to the persistent detractor of mine, I offer this: One hour of glory beats an eternity of anonymity.

Now go back to your usual haunts, the reader's comments cesspools at both the TL and CV.


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