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Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria, here Barry comes!

His "Arab Spring" meddling has brought war and chaos to both Libya and Egypt, and now Barry Oblahblah wants to export further meddling, namely a stepped-up war and further chaos to Syria.

The only problem is, Syria, Iran and Hizzbollah are promising to quickly export said meddling by way of military adventurism to Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and all comers, percieved or otherwise.

And let us not forget that Russia is a staunch ally of Syria, with ground troops, advisors, missile forces and nearby naval units all on a war footing as of today. In addition, Iran has deployed an entire battalion of Revolutionary Guard troops to Syria in expectation of U.S. drone, cruise missile, or air attacks.

Seems like our overmatched president can't resist flirting with the causation of World War III.

What a freaking maroon!


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