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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Detroit, here we come!

If you crunch enough numbers not supplied by the politically overzealous, you will undoubtedly realize that the United States is fast approaching a dangerous threshold, a calamitous tipping point if you will.

With the accelerating rise in the welfare ranks, disability claims, public sector pensions debt and the criminally prone…nearly half of the populace has no real skin in the economic game.

So when a Mitt Romney comes along promising that job creation will be his overriding priority if and when he is allowed to move into the White House, half of Amerika reflexively yawns.

Put simply, you cannot compete against the growing catalog of Govmint-provided freebies. There it is. Nearly half of the populace wants to eat, drink, collect tattoos and piercings, text, sext, thrash about naked, retire ridiculously early and be semi-illiterate on my dime.

I realize typing as much is not politically correct which will result in many hoping that some clandestine Govmint agency orders me captured and fed to poor people in Stoneageistan, but I truly do not care.

In a demographic sense, they constantly tell me that what we need is more forced diversity. Meanwhile, the unwritten political correctness statutes as they apply to diversity mandate that people of all shapes, shades and stripes think the exact same things.

And these rules of engagement come from the intellectually vapid folks not curious enough to meet or experience the lives and environments of those they prejudge and prejudge every harshly.

Ever met a militia member from Montana? Nope, don’t need to. Bitter, clinging gun nut gone racist.

Ever rode along with the police to see those “mean streets” with your own four eyeballs? Nah, not necessary. They profile and they are prone to outbursts of brutality.

Ever donned a uniform and been paid to dodge high-velocity rounds and large exploding projectiles? No, but I know better than our most senior military commanders.

Ever seen what the local coal plant means to the folks in Red Neck Creek, West Appalachia? No, and I don’t want nor need to. They are destroying Ice Station Zebra.

The great majority of the folks at the top of the media food chain avoid expressing opinions that differ from those that they run, party and cavort with. And they will not challenge the inane proclamations and banal absurdities conjured up by the folks at the top of the political food chain for fear of being banished, the media equivalent of being deported to Red Neck Creek.


Uh, better not. Go with the politically correct flow.

Herein lies the reason that the web garners so much traffic, while the print media continues to be reduced to peddling grocery coupons and the television industry has become the home of the slothful, drunken illiterate: The web offers a diverse Sargasso Sea of opinionating and the like. The web is the very last refuge for those who challenge, think and can still read the language. The web is what the other press venues once were.

Getting back to my original point, something approaching half of the country could really give a flying funk about wealth creation, job creation, personal responsibility, personal savings or enjoying the fruits of their own bounty.

They want the freebies they want, they want dummies like me to work and pay for it all, and they now have a Fedrule Govmint that is ready and willing to provide what they want.

The Chinese are also willing to provide what they want. And while I pay for it in the interim, the children and the grandchildren of the growing legions of freebie takers will pay for it later on.

We’re fast approaching apogee, and the rapid decline is waiting just ahead. The takers win out over the givers in the short term, but the country goes financial tits-up in the long term.

Detroit, here we come!


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