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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Markie: Who?

This past workweek was brutal. I’ll not go into detail, but if you can get me to admit to dragging ass on the tail end, the admission alone is proof of the depth of the endeavor.

I was going to lower my standards by attending the latest installment of Blogfest, but a not-so-chance WILK radio encounter blew that all to hell. We’ll cover that later.

The problem with Blogfest?

Uh, what was I quoted as saying during my one and only appearance? It was, “They only want to use us.”

They---the glad-handing folks promising rainbows and unicorns---tolerate bloggers so as to generate some positive campaign press. And then the star-struck, gushing bloggers, flush with look-at-me photos, provide that expected positive campaign press to incumbents and pretenders alike.

The way the bloggers spin it, they write about local politics…(meaning they do just enough to not get sued for all the good stuff, defamation, libel, and the like.) You know, they publish the candidate-approved press releases and candidate-approved photos. Wouldn't want to bite that hand they've shaken?

Fact is, there hasn’t been any hard-hitting local poliblogging in these parts for many a year. And the hard-hitting stuff went by the wayside just as soon as the local bloggerati sought out fame, publicity and affirmation from the elected and the soon-to-be elected.

All that aside, as I had previously alluded to, I was this close to making an appearance with Walter Griffith as my trusty wingman. Or, with me as his trusty wingman. His bodyguard. I dunno. Something like that.

Although, I’d be his bodyguard in an instant at his most whimpered behest.

But, on Thursday, one of the organizers of Blogfest made an appearance on Sue Henry’s WILK talk show, basically promoting the soiree.

Sue asked him when he started blogging. 2005, was the retort. Sue asked him why he started to blog. Wait…for…it: Because “nobody else was writing about local politics” was the wildly offensive, wholly inaccurate revisionist history response. 

Uh, anybody remember this electronic relic…Wilkes-Barre Online?

Seriously, what is it with the left-leaning and revisionist histrionics?


Here’s the scoop.

Y’all can pose for pictures with the pretenders, the clueless wannabes, the bald-faced liars, the former and the future corrupt, plus the folks who would gleefully raid your personal treasury by executive fiat for their own pursuits, but me, I’ll take a pass.

Me? I seek no fame, no fortune nor no affirmation. I’m a big boy with a big boy job in a big boy world, a reality most bloggers will never happen upon. I’m all good to go with the “pedal, paddle and dumbbell” lifestyle. I care not, I wish not and I want not. I spent my entire life chasing a distant memory, and I am over it.

But, the blatant disrespect was duly noted.

Further proof that I was right to discorporate myself from the entire look-at-me program.



Don Williams said...


Hear you loud and clear. And I agree that when folks are speaking into the microphone or staring into the camera, they tend to forget they are standing in someone else's shadow and walking a trail that someone else blazed long ago.


Gort said...

Sorry about that Chief. I didn't expect the question and got caught flatfooted. Of course the Blogfather was and is my inspiration to blog about politics. W-B Online was the first and still the best body of work about the local scene.

Gort said...

Sue asked him why he started to blog. Wait…for…it: Because “nobody else was writing about local politics” was the wildly offensive, wholly inaccurate revisionist history response.

My response should have been "only W-B Online was writing about local politics."

Sorry that I'm human and that sometimes my memory fails me.

Mark Cour said...

Okay, okay.

You're making me feel bad.

Sorry, I overreacted, but I was amazed.

I think a Beer Summit would suffice, but not during a Jints game.


Gort said...

Jints and Iggles this Sunday. We can both cry in our beer.

Mark Cour said...

Sounds like a plan. And no bragging rights, either. Winning that game is like losing one's virginity to a crash test dummy.