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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Match to powderkeg

I see that Secretary of State John Kerry is promising that a military strike on Syria would be “a limited action.”


So, if the stated plan is to leave Assad in power, and that we admit we cannot eliminate the chemical weapons stockpiles with limited cruise missile strikes, then what’s the point other than the unstated goal of sending a message to Iran?

And what’s with the feigned outrage over the alleged gassing of a thousand after an estimated one-hundred thousand were purported to have been killed during the past two years?

This is sophistry borne of gross incompetence.

Today, the more dimwitted of the Republican lawmakers were banging the war drums while mouthing high-minded, morally-bankrupt platitudes. Democrats, the committed peaceniks when Republicans occupy the White House, were making all the usual noise about sending messages, doing the right thing, blah, blah, blah…now go and hump another one of your unpaid interns.

If and when the cruise missiles fly, if the scurrilous leader is allowed to remain in command, and if the chemical weapons remain intact for the most part, then our only real intention would be to assist the violent Jihadists posing as rebels, just as we did in both Libya and Egypt.

By the way, Libya is quickly devolving in chaos, mayhem and death. Egypt was headed down that path until the Egyptian military brought that country back from the brink of the 7th century. If Barry Oblahblah has a workable plan other than subterfuge and sabotage for the Middle East, frankly, I don’t see it.

In fact, it seems as if he’s always ready and willing to loan our military might to the Muslim Brotherhood, al Queda, et al.

Earlier today, America surface ships in the Mediterranean launched ballistic missiles in conjunction with the Israeli military as part of readiness exercise. A Russian listening post immediately detected the launch and alerted Russian naval assets---including it’s only carrier group---currently in the Mediterranean as well as those heading into it. In addition, the Russians have not evacuated their naval base at Tartus, Syria as previously reported, instead, they reinforced it to play host to Syrian dignitaries and military leaders during the expected bombing raids.

The Nimitz carrier group, which was on it’s way back to it’s home port in Washington, was ordered to turn around and steam back into the Red Sea. B-1 bombers have been redeployed to the theater. Two gigantic amphibious assault platforms have been forward-deployed. And stealth bombers have flown to Cyprus.
CIA-trained mercenaries have been inserted into Syria. Syria is dispersing it’s military assets in anticipation of the threatened missile bombardment, just yesterday rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon and Iranian Revolutionary Guard units are in Syria. Plus, the sizable Israeli reserves have been mobilized.

Meanwhile, Iran, Hamas, Hizbollah and Syria are promising to spill this anticipated military dust-up well beyond the Syrian borders. Turkey to the north is reinforcing it’s borders. And Jordan---surrounded---is scared sh*tless.

So…Barry Oblahblah and John Kerry honestly believe an American air assault on Syria will result in “a limited action?”

Good effing luck with that.

Mark my Markie words, this one, this continued needless meddling is going to get out of hand.


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