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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


No kidding?

Gee, how shocking.

Confirmed: Fracking practices to blame for Ohio earthquakes

Pull-freaking quote...

Scientists have known for decades that fracking and wastewater injection can trigger earthquakes. For instance, it appears linked with Oklahoma's strongest recorded quake in 2011, as well as a rash of more than 180 minor tremors in Texas between Oct. 30, 2008, and May 31, 2009.


Just in case you folks missed it, the epicenter of the quake that shook Wilkes-Barre not long ago was in Virginia and just happened to be surrounded by 'fracking' pads.

Google the orbital-generated images, I'm not making that up.  

So, let's keep fracking away, let's ignore the frackquakes and let's continue to eat those seemingly contradictory, yet steady increases to our natural gas rates.

If it smells like a BS scam, girlies, it's a BS scam.

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