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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quaker State enema

I haven’t been interested in any of this electronic tomfoolery since the NFL season got underway. Yep, while the world continues to spiral out of control, I’ve been off to fantasy football land.

They (whoever they are) told us that once we stopped carrying cash on our persons there would be no reason for anyone to attempt to rob us. Yet, last week, a King’s College student suffered a broken jaw after her MAC card and cell phone cell were absconded with.

I know that the young women of today feel all empowered, and that very many of them are athletes, they work out, they jog and all of that. But, with society being as sickened as it currently is, why in the hell are young women walking alone well after dark? Or anyone for that matter.

Last week our on-call technician was responding to an emergency here in the city when his windshield was shot at. He heard the shot. The police filed a report and confirmed that the vehicle was hit by a projectile. So, just by driving Pennsylvania Avenue after dark, you could be struck by a bullet.

Yesterday, two black males appeared at the front door sporting a laminated bill from PP&L. They said they needed to see my bill so that they could confirm that I was not being overcharged. I asked them what firm they were representing and they stayed with their spiel as if they had not heard what I had asked them.

They kept going and going about having to “confirm” when I told them I wasn’t interested. With that, one of the two laughed at me, and made some remark about not being very bright. But after I burst through the door, got up close and personal while repeatedly barking “Are you effing laughing at me?,” they were gone in an instant.

If that fu>k had said the wrong thing at that moment, he would have been launched down the front steps. You want to introduce your utter nonsense into my little world? Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

During the past two years, I have had two violent encounters, and a third that stopped just short of violence. And this was while I was representing my employer. Two occurred in Hazleton, while the latter was in Wilkes-Barre. One generated a police report. One resulted in a Hispanic male getting his head bashed all to hell. The last one was reported to the associated housing authority. The point being, I can’t even get through a workday without society’s dregs coming to annoy me.

Sorry, but the usual advice about “being aware of your surroundings” just isn’t going to cut it while the good people continue to be encircled by the growing number of lawless vermin that mistakenly count as card-carrying members of humankind.

People…arm yourselves, try to maintain some upper body muscle mass, and always take the first punch when violence is clearly about to happen.

Young people today have no concept of long-discredited things like the Ten Commandments, so until the police arrive on scene…you’re on your own.

So be a good little Boy Scout and be prepared.

Good luck with that.

Someone once said that “civility is the lubricant of society.” And it’s gone beyond being painfully obvious that our society needs a long overdue Quaker State enema.



Aggie95 said...

yea they were up here in the Heights as well I ran them off but if I see them again I'll call the cops and let them sort it out

Mark Cour said...

It's all criminal malarkey.

A couple of years ago I was at a customer's house while these two hucksters were pressuring him---a frail senior---to buy meat products out of a chest freezer in the back of a pickup truck. He was afraid to say no until I told them to hit the road in no uncertain terms. He immediately thanked me.

Weeks later, these very same jerks were pitching the meat to me at my door. I told them to hit it, but while walking away they got all mouthy about it.

So, I called 826-8106 and asked the WBPD if these guys had a permit to solicit in the city. The officer on the phone wasn't sure, but he sent the area car on over to check on it.

Turned out, the pickup truck had an expired registration and no insurance coverage.

After Truck 51 had towed it away and they sat there in a lump on their chest freezer waiting on a ride, I beamed at them...just daring them to come and have it.

Stupidly, a resident on our street bought some steaks and what have you, be they stolen, thawed and refrozen, unsafe or imported from Cannibal Island.

If they knock on the door, they are either disreputable, scumbags or some stocker posing as a journalist...just back from Hobbs, New Mexico.

Sez me,

Markie in Parsons

Michelle Hryvnak Davies said...

Wow. I can't believe the balls on some of these people.