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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cinco de Nord End

I was paid a visit by the Frack Fairy yesterday afternoon. Well, it wasn't really a fairy that appeared here at the modest adobe. It was none other than Kayak Dude, the tireless protector of the watershed. And I commend him for all of his many efforts.

I'm not sure why that pink effect happens every now and again, but it only comes about on the sunniest of the sunny days. Although, it should be noted that this is the very same rogue camera that upped and decided to take a dip in the Susquehanna at the tail end of RiverFest 2008, and all without my expressed permission. Frickin' thing.

If I may, I would say to you that Kayak Dude is smart, well-read, dedicated and burning the candles at both ends only because he believes that without action, inaction will rule the day and allow those who care not for the future of our communities to run roughshod over everything they can in the name of securing enormous profits.

Still though, as smart as he may seem to be, he has that Philthy-dumpia Phillies decal affixed to his vehicle, which suggests that he's still got a ways to go.

Anyway, funk the fargin' frackin'!

Last night I called police headquarters once, and 911 three times.

I called HQ at 6:45, and was told to call 911. And then, as the evening proceeded, I called 911 at 6:55, at 7:55, as well as at 8:29.

This was not a "noise complaint," per se. And this was not a "nuisance call." No, this was a call from one of the indigenous objecting to the constant thumbing-of-the-noses at the indigenous by the recent arrivals.

Rather, what was going on cried out for the assistance of Mountain Productions.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Cinco de Nord End

Whenever anyone gets to complaining about our newest neighbors from south of the damaged border fences and walls, somebody like WILK's Steve "I am a Mexican" Corbett steps forward to deflect the arguments. The very same guy who said just last week that many illegal immigrants are better citizens than are many naturally-born Americans.

Really, Steve? Watch the video. It's short, so even somebody like you can handle it.

He's like one of those shameless hucksters pitching non-approved supplements as part of a paid program, an infomercial.

Steve, I used the product and I developed eyeball cancer.

Steve: Well, I don't know about that, but I used the product and I lost two pounds a week.

Steve, my sister used the product, and something resembling a mutated Great White shark grew out of her lower back.

Steve: Well, I don't know about that, but I used the product and I lost two pounds a week.

Steve, my second cousin happily-twice removed used the product, and her feet bloated to be 100 times their original size.

Steve: Well, I don't know about that, but...

Yes, according to the all-knowing Latino wannabe, illegal aliens and Latinos in general are all hard-working, God-fearing, church-going, salt-of-the-Earth types who love baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet's and Marcia Brady.

And while I really don't hate raining on his limp-wristed, jingoistic and populist parade, nothing could be further from the absolute truth. At least, in this neighborhood, that is. Watch the video, Steve. Watch the video.

Yeah, I know, you used the product and you lost two pounds a week. So you say.

As if.

The part of this Latino-styled Don Kirschner's Rock Concert event that annoyed me the most was how completely fast some of my neighbors redirected their ire from the recent arrivals to the WBPD.

I told them that Zone 5 encompasses all of the Nord End, the East End, Parsons as well as Miners Mills. My point was, perhaps the sole patrol unit had yet to happen across this 500 watts event in the making.

But after we finally had a patrol unit report in that he "told them to turn it down," it started right back up just as soon as his patrol car was well out of sight--only louder. And then some of residents of Wyoming Street called 911, and so did I all over again. Cinco de Nord End, temporarily interrupted as it was, was back on and then some. Another clockwise twist of the volume dial, as it was.

Now, what part of this does not smack of the middle finger being pointed directly back at us, the legal, rightful residents of this community?

In my opinion, not all of these recent arrivals are of the legal variety. And I'm not buying this usual political claptrap wherein they are the model citizens who provide the new template by which the remainder of us should shut our mouths and live out what little remains of our wasted, racist, bigoted lives.

All I know is, when the Corona gets to flowing, and when the barking at the moon starts in reverence to some ancient Incan Sun God, the newest of my many new neighbors prove over and over again that they care not about being good neighbors, city ordinances, or displaying some semblance of respect for the law.

This is getting old. It's well-past being annoying. And I left my mayor a voice mail about the entire whitewashing of reality in the name of multiculturalism, as well as the oft-debilitating political expediency.

If what they want is merely to get along and enjoy a better life, they had better start respecting the wishes of those of us that think likewise--the silly-assed Gringos.



D.B. Echo said...

Um, that video has been moved or deleted.

WVW word: ratend. I kid you not.

D.B. Echo said...

Ah, the text link worked.

Was that coming from that car? Or somewhere else? With bass it's hard to tell - but obviously, it was someone being an asshole.

So why was this not a "noise complaint"? Doesn't music played at excessive volume count as noise?

zorcong said...

No, it was coming from that yard across the parking lot and behind the fencing.

Play it again and watch for the strobe lights blinking between the cracks in the fence.