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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All dummied up and...

As of today, I have been soiling the electronic pages belonging to this here Blogger.com outfit for one full year.

5-4-2009: New location, same old madness
A whole year? Already?

Man, time sure flies when you’re busily pissing people off.

Let’s see, I was originally at Tripod, with an inception date of December 2, 2000.

And then, three days after the World Trade Towers collapsed I wrote, “If they hate us, let’s hate ‘em right back.” To which a local girl responded to by complaining to Tripod about alleged “hate speech” on my part, and Tripod immediately pulled the plug.

I came home from work that day to learn that a reporter from the Times Leader had left a message with Wifey saying it was urgent that I return that call as early as possible. So I called, and the reporter asked what my reaction was to the deletion of my Web site. My reaction?

My reaction to his question was, “My web site was deleted? Why?”

That reporter did some amazing work by contacting Tripod, acquiring that girl’s name, and then contacting her before she made it to Page 3 as the intolerant one who wanted speech she did not agree with stricken from the public domain. Awesome.

And then next day, there was this Page 3 story about free speech rights and the Internet. Oh, but the night before, I had a new version of Wilkes-Barre Online up and published at Angelfire inside of 45 minutes after that phone call.

Take that, bitch!

I fought and fought and fought with the publishing tools at Angelfire, which was hard to fathom when you consider that each post was written in HTML and JavaScript, by me, from beginning to end. I’d do all that work only to have the damn thing not want to publish when I’d click on the publish button.

So, in early 2004, I went back to Tripod where I published my usual swill until May 2009, when I jumped over here on May 4, 2009.

Hell, this Blogger stuff, this Blogging-for-Dummies haunt is so damn easy, even the likes of you people could do it. Well, actually, you do do it, don’t you?

It seems as if there are four distinctly different styles of blogging here.

You’ve got the cut, copy, paste types. Cut, copy, paste, add a paragraph or two of your own and Voila! A post.

You’ve got the lamest of the lame, the people that offer a link to some other piece, because they think that piece is so profound. The Portal People, as I like to call them.

Then we’ve got the plagiarists, who sandwich commentary around their slices of brilliance captured from somewhere else. I guess it never occurred to any of them that by punching some of “their” phrasings, even entire sentences into a search engine, we’d see them for what they are.

And then you’ve got the people that just flat-out write.

Anyway, this place works for me. And I’ve grown accustomed to being just another dummy among the multitudes of dummies.



D.B. Echo said...

Congratulations for tolerating one year here in the bloghetto (as Blogger is referred to by numerous people on other, "superior" sites who have subsequently given up blogging.) And thank you for continuing to post after all these years.

Gort said...

It's so easy a Blogfather can do it.

I'm glad you have stuck around on this inferior platform.