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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corbett's "fairness"

A few observations.

I really don't care for political consultant extraordinaire Ed Mitchell's tactics. Never did, never will. His campaign tactics are downright slimy. Icky, if you will. He commands big bucks for his services, but he rarely delivers more than some sewage-laced October surprise.

So, being that he's in Tom Leighton's camp during this election go-round, I was just waiting for the slime to drop. And drop it did in the form of the Tigue/Yudichak email that is purported to tie Yudichak to the Bonusgate fiasco. I read the thing. And it doesn't fare well for Yudichak.

That being typed, in my opinion, John Yudichak has been heaving the slime like a champion, also. So who's to say he doesn't deserve some return fire from the opposite camp?

It's just that, I thought all along that Tom Leighton could win this race without the overpriced services of the Ick Master. And if Yudichak's record is so effing sterling, why did he have to go and act like a horribly frightened Girl Scout after a simple handshake?

This is all so unfortunate.

Now, on to WILK's screamer--Steve "I am a Mexican" Corbett.

I choked on my pasta this afternoon when he feighned fairness by stating that he invited both Tom Leighton and John Yudichak on the show to have their say. And, of course, he quickly pointed out that while Yudichak called in, "...Leighton was nowhere to be found."

I would ask Corbett, why in the hell would Tom Leighton ever bother to call in to your show? What, after you've unfairly sullied his personal and professional reputation for years on end?

Think it through, champ. I promise, it won't hurt.

Ever since the shouting know-it-all limped on home from the banana Republic of Caulifornia, he's treated Tom Leighton to a nonstop parade of borderline slander and defamation of character. Yes, since he left that flailing Mexican client state, he's called Leighton every name still allowed by the Federal Communication Commission.

He's mocked the hairstyle, the demeanor, the public speaking, the performance and the honesty of the mayor. He's gone as far to call him "the worst mayor in the history of Pennsylvania," which is patently absurd when you consider that Leighton succeeded the mayor that was called the worst mayor in the state by Politics PA some years back. And all of this bashing went on unchecked by the management of Entercom despite the fact that Wilkes-Barre has noticeably improved both physically and financially under Leighton's tutelege.

So after five years of slandering the guy, and after five years of being given free reign by the management of the radio station, Corbett knows damn well that Leighton would rather adopt Corbett's girlie man wheat germ diet than call into his show. In essence, Corbett knows he has a public punching bag that would never lower himself by punching back over the airwaves.

What was it Big Dan said? The me/us mob mentality? Wherein, it is cleverly woven by Corbett: Tom Leighton is disrespecting me, The Great Corbett, therefore, by Corbett's purposefully crafted extension, disrespecting WILK's audience.

Me & Us = Fu>k Tom Leighton!

If I were Tom Leighton, I would tape Corbett's blustery show for a period of time, and then sue him, WILK, Entercom and all of the management types involved for slander. Slam dunk!

Remember, this is the very same guy who recently said Leighton has a cloud hanging over his head because of an ancient he said/she said incident that was deemed to be unfounded. But, in Corbett's oft-hazy world, unfounded accusations stand as proof of guilt. He's the judge, he's the jury, but the fool then goes on and on and on complaining about corrupt judges.

But who put Corbett on the bench? Who gave Mr. 'Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-did' a black robe?

And who is he to be judging anyone anyway? He's already admitted--on the -air--to carrying a concealed weapon while drinking heavily. Yeah, that's the ultimate beacon of civility and ethics and humanity telling it. He's used to get plastered, get rowdy in bars and all while carrying a loaded firearm.

Ah, whatever.

As my Irish grandma used to say, "Consider the source."



D.B. Echo said...

Does Corbett actually think that local politicians just listen to his show every day, waiting to respond to any challenges he might throw out there? Any politician who takes the time out of his (or her) sworn duties to chitchat with some DJ while on the taxpayers' dime should be the target of indignant wrath - not the ones who fail to do so.

Anonymous said...

Steve Corbett is a great man, and you are just jealous.

Anonymous said...

looked in the dictionary under Corbett, nothing but a pic of a hairy asshole