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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PA GOVT: Anything for a buck

To hell with the water table, the many ponds, the various smallish lakes and the too-many-to-count tributaries. Pennsylvania has been financially mismanaged and now it'll literally sell it's soul for a buck.

The Times Leader link: Rendell OKs leasing 32,896 acres of state forest for gas drilling

The Times Leader excerpt: HARRISBURG - As a bill calling for a moratorium on leasing state forest land for natural gas exploration languishes in the Senate, Gov. Ed Rendell announced today that the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources finalized a lease agreement with Anadarko Petroleum Corp. for 32,896 acres of forest land in Centre, Wyoming and Bradford counties.

In a press release, Rendell said the "responsible natural gas lease agreement" will allow Pennsylvania to meet its need for revenue while fulfilling its obligation to protect Pennsylvania's natural resources.

Under the agreement, Anadarko has paid the commonwealth $120 million to access 32,896 acres...

I guess Philadelphia needs the money. Er, you know the score...Pennsylvania needs the money.

And on a somewhat related note...

Worker killed in Dimock gas drilling incident

Up to this point, all that the gas drilling caused the death of was a few wells, and a healthy swath of forestation.


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Stephen Albert said...

Over a hundred years of anthracite coal mining that nearly destroyed the environment (and if you lived in Centralia actually DID destroy the environment) and these Bozos haven't learned a blessed thing.