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Monday, July 18, 2011

Corbett: Oh-for-3 in W-B mayoral race

As was promised by WILK’s Steve Corbett this past Thursday, supposedly, listeners of the show were to learn sometime this afternoon whether or not Wilkes-Barre’s Charlotte Raup would wage a write-in campaign against Mayor Tom Leighton this fall.

The only problem being that Andrew Staub of the Citizens’ Voice and the City Watch blog had previously reported that Mrs. Raup would not wage a write-in challenge, instead throwing her full help and support to Leighton's Republican challenger Lisa Cope.


So, when Charlotte Raup called Corbett just a while ago and repeated as much, he playfully shrieked, “Ah! Next caller!”

Again, oh.

So, in less than a week, Wilkes-Barre's remote kingmaker Corbett literally begged three residents of Wilkes-Barre to wage that self-aggrandizing write-in campaign of his, only to be frustrated at every turn.

Now here’s the truly scary stuff.

Corbett fancies himself as Lisa Cope’s political guru, her consultant extraordinaire. You know the deal, how he always has to find a way to insert himself into the story, insert himself into the news.

The problem is, every time he pushes and pokes and prods her, she does herself damage. Yet, after talking to her just this afternoon, he bellowed, “Oh, I feel like Ed Mitchell!” after unilaterally coining her campaign slogan as being “Take it to Tommy.”

Ed Mitchell, huh?

Try this damaging exchange…

Corbett: “Would you appoint Charlotte Raup as police chief?”

Cope: “I’d have to consider it.”

Need I say more?

Now it's my turn to play political consultant.

Lisa, if you really want to pull off the massive upset later this year, never, ever call Corbett again. That's all I got. And for starters, that's really all you need.


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