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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The end, our only friend...

Rejecting the dogma of the Naked Communists?

Say it ain't so, heartland.

To be perfectly frank, I'm surprised it took this long.

Excerpt #1:
What the American people are about to demonstrate in 2012 is that the heartland's vision of a booming economy restoring America's traditional world-leading prosperity and superpower might is shared by far more citizens than you might think, and that the long outdated socialist vision of the "progressive" American Left, for whom that traditional American prosperity and superpower status is a moral embarrassment, is fading into oblivion.

Excerpt #2:

President Obama has displayed perverse misleadership on the most obvious threat to the nation: the overwhelming swirl of federal spending, deficits, and debt. With over a hundred trillion in unfunded entitlement liabilities, he still forces Obamacare through Congress, with the adoption of new entitlements and further expansion of existing ones.
Senate Democrat majority lawbreakers failed to adopt a budget or even appropriations bills for this fiscal year, or the last. In the spring, as authorization for continued federal spending ran out, President Obama threatened to cut off paychecks for families of American servicemen on the battlefield and veto Republican bills to extend their funding unless Republicans agreed to finance his ongoing wild spending spree.
Now he holds debt limit "talks" in the White House where he offers $2 billion in spending cuts -- which amounts to 1 cent for every 20 dollars of federal spending this year. He demands further tax increases to continue funding his spending spree. If Republicans don't give him what he wants, he threatens American seniors with a cutoff of their Social Security checks, falsely claiming a lack of funds.
Forget Bush.

Obama did it.

And now he's pretending to be the only adult in the room. A room he will not occupy for too much longer.

Got any new mean-spirited Sarah Palin jokes to share?


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