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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you ready for some...

Anybody getting sick of this debt ceiling debacle yet? I know I am.

Earlier today a customer told me that what this country needs is a balanced budget amendment. Can't say I disagree. Although, in Oblahblah's case, a budget would be a start. Any effing budget would make for a great starting point.

Hmm. How to save money?

Pull out Afghanistan and Iraq. Yemen, too.

14 aircraft carriers? For what? How about if we go with ten. Perhaps eight and mothball the rest.

By executive fiat, eliminate the Department of Education. Met many young people lately? Doesn't seem to be much education going on.

Welfare reform. Here's the new criteria: Two arms, two legs, two eyes and a slightly functioning brain? Nope! Go dig a ditch. Flip a burger. Flip a ditch. Just get out.

Social Security reform. Now let me get this straight, you're disabled because you cannot stay sober longer than an hour an a half? Nope! Go live under a bridge.

How about redundancies? EPA, DEP, DER, did I forget any? It's like Luzerne County. See any overlap whereas the Emergency Management Agency and the Flood Protection Authority are concerned?

Ah, who gives a flying funk anyway? Certainly not those hucksters we elected. For them, it's all about appearances and their reelection triangulating.

As for me, it's time for some NFL football. The Blue Wall, the New York Football Giants. Thank goodness these folks understood the true meaning of compromise.

And with that comes some CBS Sports-hosted Fantasy Football. Only this year, I am the commissioner of the league. I've got franchise players to tabulate, keeper players to designate and a looming draft day to prepare for. Better than sex. Sez me.

And so, the Pogrom Sonics are back!

Screw Washington D.C.!!!



WBFF088 said...

Just a minor correction. We already are down to 11 carriers. And after her next deployment the Enterprise will be taken out of service with no replacement.

Stephen Albert said...

"Pull out Afghanistan and Iraq. Yemen, too."

How about "and Germany, Korea, Japan and _____ " as well?

Why on EARTH do we need to "protect" these wealthy nations? From whom are we protecting them anyway? Well I suppose you could make the case that we need to protect Korea from Korea, but I'm thinking that any country that could design and build a car like the new Sonata is probably capable of defending itself.

Mark said...

Wow! Down to 11 carriers? I missed that.

Worldwide, there aren't many left. Last I read, Britain still had 2, France still had 1 and I think I read that India had one doing sea trials.

China retrofitted a decommissioned Soviet carrier that rusted away in a Black Sea port for years, which is not yet ready for sea trials. I thought is was in the 65,000 displacement range. Not sure.

Plus they were trying to retrofit the two Kirov-class boats, the Kirov and the Kiev. They were tiny, though. Displaced something like 45,000 tons and relied mostly on fuel-eating harriers for air cover.

Anywho, thanks for the update.

Sorry to hear about Chief Norm. He was always nice to me.

Mark said...

And AFRICOMM, er, CENTCOMM or whatever they call it. Still babysitting Somalia and all of the other Islamic radical hotbeds.

The only countries we should be patroling are the ones yet to give up all of our MIAs.