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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr. Joe gone rogue

From the e-mail inbox:
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The Lu Lac Political Letter: The LuLac Edition #1003, Nov. 11th, 2009
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Doc Leonardi
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Hi Everyone,The above link is to an interview I recently did. Please if you can, I will be on WVIA tonight at 7pm discussing childhood obesity:

Thursdays 7pm on WVIA-TV

State of Pennsylvania with WVIA President Bill Kelly and Correspondent Suzanne Kapral-Kelly is the only regional interactive public affairs and news program providing an in-depth look at important issues in the Commonwealth.

Tonight, Nov. 12 at 7pmNEPA's Obese Children: What Can We Do?

Guests include:Dr. Joe Leonardi - Leonardi Family Chiropractic, Adjunct Faculty, Luzerne County Community College, and owner of Yournewphysique.comJoy de Soto, MA - Human Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, Owner of Visions Personal Fitness Training

This is going to go over like a lead balloon. Like I care.

First of all, achieving a significant weight loss is not exactly rocket science. In all honesty, what’s harder? Losing 10, 20, say, 50 pounds, or improving upon High-Velocity Impact Shielding?

Do you want to lose weight? Okay, count calories, work (physically) hard and play even harder. Done.

I’m not saying what Dr. Leonardi achieved is not remarkable, what I’m saying is that you don’t need to pay anyone any sum of money to closely mimic what he has accomplished.

While reading his interview published at the Lu Lac, I took great offense to the following response Dr. Leonardi provided to one of David Yonki’s questions:

I would maintain current Medicare taxes and additionally impose a 15 - 20% tax on junk foods, alcohol and tobacco. Probably video and computer games too. Tax the activities that make us an unhealthy, slothful nation that stresses our health care system disproportionately. Then take that money and put it in a dedicated fund solely for the new Medicare. In addition to water the foods that would remain tax free are basically what you find along the perimeter of the supermarket: fruits, veggies, certain dairy, beef, seafood, poultry, eggs etc... This is a one paragraph answer to a solution that requires much more detail.

Now...now I understand why Dr. Leonardi decided to bolt from the GOP, and start making frequent noise about him becoming a proud Democrat. Because, all of a sudden, he’s decided to embrace unchecked, unrepentant tyranny.

Many moons ago, I went from 217 pounds to 165 and in only a four-month span. And to manage as much, I needed no advice, no books, no videos, no Web sites, no new equipment, no specialty products, no Dr. Joe and what he's selling, but most importantly…I needed no government intervention.

But when anyone, Dr. Leonardi included, tells us that people who eat Fruit Loops should be taxed at a higher rate than people who suffer through a bowl of Cardboard Bran-like Flakes, I’m here to tell those folks they are supporting tyranny in the name of public health. Or, in this case, for profit.

And this subjectively tyrannical suggestion, that we should impose a “15 - 20% tax on junk foods, alcohol and tobacco. Probably video and computer games too,” is frightening in it’s shortsightedness and tyrranical implications.

Follow the mission creep that is tyranny: First, we tax the politically incorrect smokers. And then we go after the politically incorrect NASCAR crowd, the drinkers. And if that doesn’t deliver us, as a nation, to some sort of Utopian Nirvana almost overnight, then we target the people that actually enjoy a Big Mac every now and again.

But why stop there? While we’re at it, why not target people who enjoy their Play Stations? Those people don’t eat fruits and vegetables while they’re enjoying some of the highest frame rates ever imagined. No, I’ll bet you they are chomping on chips and pretzels and guzzling soda pop. Off with their heads! Uh, I meant, tax them at a higher rate because they don’t believe what we believe to be important.

Or as our newest among the suddenly growing legions of health care champions, our so-called experts put it, tax the activities that make us an unhealthy, slothful nation that stresses our health care system disproportionately.

Actually, what stresses our health care system disproportionately, the country in general, and will for the foreseeable future, is people who see tyranny as the answer to a problem in lieu of workable solutions.

How should we fix this, Dr. Joe?

Uh, since Markie enjoys his cigarettes, his beer, his Play Station and his Fantasy Football, I say the fix is to first vilify all that he shamefully and shamelessly enjoys, and then stick our grubby little fingers into his wallet just a little bit deeper.

We, the people who think we know it all, have deemed his usual activates as some sorts of crimes against humanity, so he should have less rights than we hold so near and dear for ourselves. We have accused him of crimes, we have rendered our verdict, so have at his wallet.

Thanks, Dr. Joe. Rather than offering any real solutions, you have made yourself the judge, the jury and the tax-collecting executioner. While you may have noticeably slimmed down in the physical sense, your cognitive processes have become, in my opinion, grotesquely fat-headed.

Or, to thumbnail it, you have become a Democrat.

You know, a tyrant.


Editor’s note: Pepperoni pizza and beer tomorrow night. Woo-hoo, I can’t wait.

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Kayak Dude said...

Markie: PEPPERONI on the pizza? What hath turning 50 wrought?