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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy voting

Big day tomorrow, hopefully a good day for the residents of Luzerne County. We all know how the dems in this county have a huge edge in registered voters, but we need to reinvent this county from the wasteful one-party oligarchy that it is, from the political hegemony that is has been into a two-party county. That is, we need to do it tomorrow.

I'll be voting early as always, and voting as follows:

Controller: Walter Griffith. (R)

Prothonotary: Carolee Medico Olenginski. (R)

Register of Wills: Gina Nevenglosky. (R)

(That one gives me pause.)

Jury Commissioner: None.

Judge of Courts of Common Pleas: Richard Hughes (R)

Then we have democrats William Amsebury and Tina Polacheck Gartley, and as we all know, I can only vote for one of them. I think they are both qualified, but Gartley seems more so. Although, with Amesbury coming in at 63 years of age, a vote for him is a vote for term limits. And some people are strong proponents of term limits.

And we also have the retention votes on judges Thomas Burke and Peter Paul Olszewski. I still have tonight to rehash this one all over again.

Firstly, I cannot believe that no one other than are two former president judges knew something extremely foul was afoot at the courthouse. Sorry, but somebody either knew, or somebody suspected, perhaps even strongly.

I read here on the local internet that we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water. And my immediately reaction to that was a reflexive gag. I think one or both of these judges up for retention knew that juveniles were being denied something or other. And PPO's junket to Florida and all of the lavishness that it entailed should have had his mind racing. So, we'll see what happens with that in the morning.

And with that, I'm gonna settle in and listen to all of NEPA rant and rave at and with Steve Corbett on WILK. It's election night eve, and that usually delivers some entertaining local talk radio. And that should go doubly here in Luzerne County...corruption central.

Happy voting.


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Gort said...

Write-in the Yonk for Jury Commissioner.