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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's official: nobody knew

Okay, it’s official: nobody knew.

Er, everybody appointed knew. But nobody who was elected knew. Or something or other.

Wait! I know. Everybody knew excepting for the people that knew. Um, let’s try that again. Everybody knew excepting for the people that are paid and trained to know. No, I got it. Everybody knew the same exact thing…Me know no nothin’. Or knew. Argh!!!

What a fu>king farce!

Court system gone awry

PLAINS TWP. – Luzerne County Judge David Lupas, who had been district attorney, conceded Tuesday that some people see juvenile hearings as “kiddie court.”

District Attorney Jacqueline Musto Carroll grew almost combative at times defending her department, warning that past events cannot be judged “in a vacuum.”

And Chief Public Defender Basil Russin admitted activities in juvenile hearings had been “troubling,” but bemoaned a lack of manpower and money as impediment to his ability to do anything.

All three said they could not explain why problems that led to one of the nation’s biggest court corruption scandals festered for years without anyone in their staffs noticing or complaining.
Two central themes emerged: They assumed things were OK, and the actions of one judge were widely popular and thus hard to assail.

You know, the stench emanating from this thing is becoming suffocating. And we haven’t even heard the testimony of the offending judges yet!

As far as I see it, both Judge Dave Lupas and District Attorney Jacqueline Musto Carroll need to be summarily dispatched at the very first opportunity. Fired, that is.

And her getting all saucy and defiant while staring down these commission members…it makes me want to vomit. It makes me want to vomit because I know damn well that those commission members knew they were listening to two-days worth of cover-your-ass prevarication.

They know full-well that Luzerne County, the judiciary and otherwise, is clearly the asshole of the entire state. They see the people that testified before them as the incompetent pretenders that they all were, and apparently still are.

Yes, it’s official: nobody knew.

Cut me a fu>king break! What did you know and when did you know it?

Uh...know what?

And then we have this insufferably tedious gibberish…

Petrilla: No mass layoffs planned
Luzerne County’s proposed 2010 budget is two weeks away from adoption, and there’s not a peep about how commissioners will close a $29 million gap.

Commissioner Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla said nobody’s talking because there is no firm plan yet, though she’s certain the county won’t be cutting 150 workers – one of the options suggested by an outside financial consultant.

“If there’s room not to fill vacancies or to downsize a little, we’d consider that, but there will not be a mass layoff,” Petrilla said. “That’s pretty much all we know for a fact.”

Petrilla said she believes another large layoff would hamper county services, though commissioners are urging department heads to voluntarily suggest staff cuts. The county’s 2009 budget laid off 72 workers.

“Downsizing last year had a great impact on our offices,” Petrilla said.

Hey, not a problem Mrs. Petrilla. Raise taxes by a gazillion percent, and then float another uninsured $20 million bond late next year. Not a freaking problem!

In lieu of adept, fiscally responsible management, we’ll put up with the likes of you. Or will we?

How do you hold the unaccountable accountable? They wanted to adopt a zero tolerance policy? Yeah, so why shouldn't we do likewise?

Fire their dead asses!


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