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Monday, November 2, 2009

A message from James O'Meara, Sr.

Voters of Luzerne County:

Have you had enough?

Ask yourself that question when voting on November 3.

We live in a county where indictment-a-day politics has been the norm lately.

The FBI has so many investigations active in our area that we ought to rename Luzerne County the J. Edgar Hoover Annex.

Luzerne county was even featured in a Michael Moore movie, thanks to a kids-for-cash scandal that made headlines worldwide.

Folks, when people in Taiwan are reading about our scandals, well ...Mission Control, we've got a big problem. Corruption is a cancer, and it must be excised.

Some Democrats take issue with a Republican strategy of opposing corruption. They worry it paints all Democrats with a broad brush. I feel for them. I do. It must be extremely frustrating when Republicans can run on the records (and soon, the prison records) of so many folks from the other side of the aisle.

This is a county riddled with corruption. Where accountability is an alien concept. Where in times of fiscal crisis and economic hardships, county department and office heads want $30 million more in 2010 than will be collected in revenues. (Can you say "tax increase?")
Voters are angry. And the Democrats are running scared.

A measure of their desperation is the recent maneuver to encourage people to vote straight party. They are quick to say that the same percentage of voters from each party vote a straight party ballot. But what they don't say is that this helps Democrats and hurts Republicans, as Democrats have the advantage in voter registration numbers in Luzerne county.

Frankly, it's a numbers game and they are hoping voters are not paying attention.

Well, good luck with that. Voters are paying far more attention than they realize. Why?

Because this county is a poster-child for the perils of one-party rule.There are no checks in balances in Luzerne County.

Things must change. Things will change.

It is time for a revolution at the polls in Luzerne County, the first of many in the years to come.I am asking you to take part in that revolution.

When you are voting in this election, take the time to look hard at each and every candidate.

Avoid straight party voting. It is the political equivalent of swine flu, and once you catch it, you're going to be sick for years.

Cast just one vote for the Luzerne County bench: Richard Hughes. Cast no other. A bullet vote for Richard Hughes is a vote for real and substantial change in our courts.

Vote Republican the rest of the way. Give GOP candidates the chance to make the inroads at every level of local government, from school boards to the county courthouse. That's how we bring change. That's how we start creating those checks and balances this county so badly needs: A revolution at the polls.

Ask other voters ...Republican, Democrat or Independent join you in this revolution.

Fight with the weapon so many sacrificed and served to give you over the course of our nation's history: your vote.

Use it wisely.

James O'Meara, Sr.

This e-mail is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Paid for by the 6th District Republican Committee.

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