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Saturday, November 14, 2009

KD fracking update

From the e-mail inbox:


I wish I could write a long-fingered commentary on the WV$A's plan to accept, treat and discharge drilling frackwater into our Susquehanna River. Unfortunately, the reality of my weekends as of late is such that we've been on the road with college visits or other obligatory trips for the last month, and now I have to play catch-up on things at home. I also have some major electrical work staring me in the face once I walk away from the keyboard, so I'll keep it brief.

The online articles in the CV & TL about the WV$A mention potential revenue multiple times, but they barely reference the quality of the treated frackwater that "might" be discharged into the Susquehanna. I think the revenue:water quality ratio of comments in one article was ~7:1. That pretty much $um$ it up; it'$ all about money...period.

As far as the science goes, I'll leave it at this: treated frackwater is to regular sewage plant effluent as Drano is to Ex-Lax. Okay...maybe prune juice. The one ( anonymous, of course ) comment about the treated frackwater being cleaner than what the WVSA is already discharging into our river is not only sad if you think about it, it is an outright lie and typical of the oil industry's mouthpieces and most of those who seek to profit from drilling.

By the way, New York is currently holding hearings on their plans to allow drilling in the headwaters of the Susquehanna. Guess where the NY Department of Environmental Conservation is recommending the drilling companies send their frackwater for disposal? Hint: it isn't NY.

Markie, over a year ago, I said this was going to get ugly. I openly admit to all the good and law-abiding citizens of Circumlocutiondom and bloggers everywhere I was wrong...dead wrong. With so much profit to be realized by so few, and with so much money (billion$) already on the streets and under contract if and when drilling begins at the levels projected, it is poised to progress far beyond the boundaries of ugly. I think "ramming speed on steroids" might sum up the weeks and months ahead.

BTW...happen to notice that most of our elected "leader$" are steering clear of this subject?

Don Williams, a/k/a Kayak Dude

Thanks for weighing in. I remember reading about that plant that was proposed for Eaton Township, a plant which would have been constucted for the expressed purpose of treating fracking water/fluids. While many of the details escape me now, what I do recall was that no matter how it's gussied up for public consumption, the end result was that sullied waters would be released directly into the Susquehanna. Less than pristine water, and in unimaginable quantities.

Or as my moonshine-supplying buddy Lonesome Redneck Mark might say, That ain't fargin' right.

And by the way, I did notice that it's been mum's the word on this issue from our local elected leaders. Especially noteworthy is the silence from Chris Carney, since this is already happening in his own back yard. You know, the occasional explosions, the contaminated wells and the numerous violations of the drilling outfits.

Not to single him out, but it is an issue that can reach out and tough his personal water supply. Perhaps he's still researching the issue for himself. Of perhaps he's got other priorities a look at his campaign contributions might disclose. I dunno.

As for Kanjorski and water quality issues goes, that's like trying to blend water and oil. More succinctly, like mixing raw sewage and water, damming it all and then calling it a recreational lake.

Again, thanks for the brief update. Keep us advised when you can.

Oh yeah, I am not a strict vegetarian. And while my favorite pizza toppings are mushrooms and onions, I have been known to cross over to the dark side by downing some of that delicious pepperoni pizza Wifey whips up from scratch.

Last night we were experimenting with our dough recipe and ended up with a soft and chewey thin crust, dittos on the deeper dished pizzas and a pie that I dubbed a Pizza Loaf. Damn thing was a good three-plus inches deep.

And to yet another e-mail I would respond, sure, while it might not have been fair to go off on Dr. Joe, I'm really getting good and sick of people stepping forward and spouting off about how they know how best to run my life.

And I take extreme exception to anyone who takes the incremental steps of demonizing what they do not personally do, and then tell us that those habits should be deemed punishable by them. And how is it remotely constitutional to target others for unfair and confiscatory tax rates simply because they say so? Who are they to dip into our personal finances simply because they see the drinking of soda pop, the downing of fast food or the consumption of 'sinful' things such as alcohol damaging to society at large?

And what about the convoluted logic that since you have health insurance but consume items not on their personally approved list, then you should be required to pay for someone else's health care in addition to our own? Gee, no tyranny creep going on there.

As far as the demonization of smokers goes, what's more expensive? A career smoker who is diagnosed with lung cancer, treated and then is dead within two years? Or one of those non-smokers who ends up in a personal care home for a decade, possibly much longer?

I personally know people who have lost their homes because of the exorbitant cost of keeping their spouses in assisted-care facilities long term. It's not bad enough that they, for all intents and purposes, lost their loved ones. But then they lose their homes, too?

Smoke this!


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