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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday one-liners

After spying the Tarah Toohil “Pizza Party” thingamabob, I offer the following…

If I published even a partial recap of what I reaped upon society when I was eighteen-years-old, the lot of you would unite in electing Toohil our first woman pontiff up Vatican way.

No, no same-sex escapades, illegal substances or any of that usual leftist fare. Mostly drinking until one pukes, and then defiantly drinking more and more. Oh, and the auto-hostility stuff when engaged by the hordes of beer-muscled brave.

You know. Fun stuff.

Anyway, the Pizza Party is a non-starter in my spinning vortex of a mind.

Uh, not exactly shared sacrifice, is it?

More like an insult to our intelligence (some of us) and sensibilities.

So much for Coach Jim Harbaugh’s much-inferred claim that the New York Football Giants went on to win the Super Bowl that his San Francisco 49ers rightfully deserved to win.

So much for the smack-talking 49ers putting the Super Bowl champion Giants in their place last week.

So much for home-field advantage twice over.

Giants 26-49ers 3.

Pardon my broken Yiddish, but Harbaugh is a egomaniacal dick.

So, the flailing pretender-in-chief has abandoned the absurd Big Bird strategy and gone all in on the ridiculous “binder full of women” gambit.

Meanwhile, he steers far left of the binders full of trillions in debt, binders full of newly recruited, millions strong welfare queens and the binders full of naïve foreign policy blunders.


The only thing binding this country is the incompetent pretender-in-chief.

I’ve read that black folks from all over the country are threatening via Twitter to riot when it becomes obvious that Baroke Oblahblah and that scrappy smart-ass from Scranton have lost the upcoming election.

In addition, Mitt Romney has received innumerable death threats via the sewer of the electronic age…Twitter.

Plus, there’s been numerous news reports of people having their vehicles and homes vandalized simply because they were proudly sporting Mitt Romney campaign paraphernalia.

So, we’ve got rampant vandalism and countless threats of violence as we march on towards election day.

Apparently, the patent on naked racism has expired.

Don't matter much to me. I'll be armed.


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