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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday one-liners

So, my beloved Atlanta Braves win 95 games, earn an invite to a 1-game playoff “series,” and just when they have the flood gates about to burst open the umpires call an infield fly rule on a ball hit to the outfield.

When did the NFL replacement refs make their way over to Major League Baseball.

Thanks to a slipping product, I’d don’t listen to near as much WILK talk radio as I used to.

The afternoon show has been replaced by 102.3 The Mountain. I still take in the Limbaugh show simply because he is always all over the latest. I miss Michael Savage’s scattershot musings. I wouldn’t think of missing Sue Henry of my own volition. And, while I absolutely love John Webster’s wit, his morning sidekick has made tuning in almost untenable while armed with her daily DNC talking points.

This morning she refereed to the folks comprising the blogosphere as “low information people.” This, of course, comes from someone desperately and frantically arguing for another disastrous Oblahblah term.

Consider the hyper-partisan source.

Somebody delivered a copy of the Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette to our front porch.

After glancing at the roster of staff and writers, I fail to see how the word independent could be attached to said crew, but no biggie. While I would always read the thing cover-to-cover out of sheer curiosity, the issue I received was really lacking in content.

And if you want steady readers, you need content, content and content.

The latest DVD in the long-running, always suspenseful and grotesque Alien series hit’s the stores tomorrow…Prometheus.

Count me in.

Why will Baroke Oblahblah lose the election a little more than a month from now?

He can’t defend his lackluster record.

Try as he and his surrogates may, he can’t seem to vilify his opponent.

He can’t tell us what a second term might bring because he has no clue.

The folks that make the private sector hum want both him and his health care debacle repealed before further economic damage is done.

Finally, the average folks that are America agree that they never thought it could get this bad in this country. And while it all burns around them, he continues to fiddle, party, fund raise and play golf. Turns out, he’s the candidate that’s out of touch with the American public.

Oh, and you know you're getting there (old) when your grandson shows up with a cell phone.

Them’s all I got.


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