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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday one-liners

From CBS…

Harvey's Lakers won the Rainy Day Home Equity Championship by a score of 384.5 to 235.5 over London Rippers. Kris Medlen led the team in scoring in the championship round and Cole Hamels led the team in scoring for the season. Congrats once again to Harvey's Lakers on a terrific Fantasy Baseball Season. Hope to see you all next year!
Yep. They talked me into giving fantasy baseball a go. Then I went and got me a championship on my very first try.

For those of you who smartly bother to escape our increasingly insufferable collectivist reality, 26 games (weeks), 7435 points.

I’m the man.

So, the unemployment rate in NEPA is on the rise yet again, which just happens to the highest metro rate in the state.

The next time the Chamber folks get to slapping themselves on their hairy backs all over again while yammering on about all the jobs they’ve brought to our local industrial parks, know the following.
The Hanover, Crestwood, Valmont, Humboldt and McAdoo industrial parks employ untold tens of thousands of Hispanics.

And since their employers are basing their hiring primarily on tax incentives that accompany hiring minorities, the disadvantaged, the less fortunate or whatever some short-sighted, vote-pandering politico calls them---those jobs coming to the industrial parks mean little or nothing to the vast majority of us indigenous folks.

Facts is facts.

I find it excruciatingly flummoxing to find Barry Oblahblah within fighting distance of winning a second term.

Even though the seditious media has it’s collective prehensile mouth all over his member, it’s obvious, it’s documented that he is to incompetence what Charles Manson is to criminality. Face it, he's a self-impressed lightweight.

Questionable polling data and the treasonous media aside, I still say the know-it-all charlatan gets shown the door in a few short weeks. And I have based that on the fact that older folks vote in greater numbers and, right now, our older folks are absolutely horrified by the precipitous decline that this country has experienced while the charlatan-in-chief chastised them between thousands of rounds of golf.

And the younger voters---who came out in droves in support of their pop idol during the last presidential election--will fail him horribly this time.

The young?

Hell, they’ve got the sexy cell phones, data plans, the perfunctory bottled water, the bitchin’ shades, the tattoos, the freak-show-tent piercing, the garish-looking dyed hair, the feral children, health care ‘til their 26, the state-issued access cards and the state-issued unemployment cards.

They’ve become fat, happy, stupid, illiterate and totally detached from the reality that there really isn’t, nor should there be a free ride available to the able-bodied.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Finally, an all-day conference on blogging?

Must be me. It’s not rocket science. There are no apogees, perigees, escape velocities or hyper-velocity impact shielding involved.

Point…type. Done!

If nobody takes notice, make real nice with some other blogger who generates lots of hits.

End lesson.

Them's my thoughts.


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