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Sunday, October 7, 2012

From the email inbox

Tim Mullen...
In our upside down world of politics, public servants have become the masters. Masters have become slaves. What was once regarded as patriotic, frugal, or fiscally sound is now regarded as radical or extreme. The clowns of my generation have given away the whole circus only to stick the tab on the young or so they think. Make no doubt about it, unless your time left on earth is short, we are all going to learn about loss, if you are not already being tutored. I have become too much of a Cynic to believe that things can be turned around and have begun to prepare for what lies ahead along with anyone that will listen to me.

Enter Aaron Kaufer an energetic young man, who introduced himself to me over a year ago that made his intentions clear that he was going to run for State Representative against incumbent Phyllis Mundy. Among other things, Aaron supports elimination of the archaic and unconstitutional property tax to fund schools. He believes in eliminating the extravagant pay and perks our so called servants now receive. Aaron understands that wealth cannot be conjured up out of thin air. His opponent, however well intentioned, has instilled dependency in those that receive, and at the same time created a disincentive for the givers that still produce.

Can Aaron make a difference in Harrisburg? My answer is probably not alone. I don't think that he or anyone can change the trajectory this county, state and especially this country is headed for. He and his generation deserve, and will have the chance to pick up the pieces and rebuild a strong foundation that this county, state, and country were once built upon. I encourage all voters, including the nearly 3,000 independent minded supporters of the 120th legislative district that stood by my side in the 2010 election, to consider a vote for Aaron this November 6th.

Tim Mullen

15XX West 8th St

Wyoming, Pa. 18644

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