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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday morning musings

The following snippet was culled from today’s Citizens’ Voice…
"I think it's ridiculous," said Karen Ceppa-Hirko. "The mayor refuses to take pay cuts and cut people who are basically overpaid that work at city hall. There's a lot of people who make more money than they need to."
Well, I sure hate to sprinkle facts all over the well-worn claptrap, but if the mayor had not voluntarily decided to forego the pay increases he is entitled to, his current salary would be in excess of $96,000.


No pay cut there.

Then we have this…

W-B is hit with fuel bill
WILKES-BARRE – The state Department of Revenue has slapped the city with a nearly $26,000 bill after investigators could not account for more than 67,000 gallons of fuel dispensed over a two-year period.

The probe, which was prompted by a Times Leader investigation in June, determined a total of 37,272 gallons of gasoline and 29,894 gallons of diesel missing from the city’s pumps at the Department of Public Works building from July 2010 to July 2012.
  The state says the fuel is unaccounted for. The Times Leader lists it as being missing. The activist/candidates have gone so far as to call the fuel “stolen.” And in print, no less.

Well, now that those employed by the city are documenting fuel usage, let’s just see if the documented usage roughly equates the undocumented usage in terms or bulk fuel purchases over that same two year timeframe.

Methinks it will.

A balanced, uh, a balanced…budget?

In Luzerne County?

$122.25M plan avoids a tax hike

Instead of Oblahblah or Romney, perhaps we should write in Robert and Lawton on election day.
From Larry Kudlow…
In a larger budget context, reporter Jeffrey H. Anderson uses a Treasury Department study to chronicle the 7-Eleven presidency. In fiscal year 2012, ending Sept. 30, the government spent nearly $11 for every $7 of revenues taken in. The exact figures are $2.5 trillion in tax revenues and $3.5 trillion in spending. In other words, it spent 44 percent more than it had coming in. Previous fiscal years look even worse: The government spent 56 percent more than revenues in fiscal year 2011 and 60 percent more in fiscal year 2010.
 All in all, according to Anderson, the government under the Obama administration received $6.8 trillion in taxes and spent $10.7 trillion — 56 percent more than it had available.

Yep. Time for the Fedrule Govmint to adopt the Lawton Doctrine. You know, sanity.
Not to single anyone out, but I love it when the local media types routinely chastise us “low information” commoners for escaping reality (politics) by way of reality television or professional sports while they spend an inordinate amount of time trolling away on Twitter and Facebook.

You tell me, man. They only pay me here to type.


Off to fantasy land, I am.


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