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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If we'd all been living in...

Much unlike the vast majority of the visibly distracted, easily-led fools around me, I am not married or engaged to a mobile electronic device. Imagine that.

Facebook, Twitter, texting and similar electronic tomfoolery is far, far beneath my level of sophistication and self-satisfaction, as is using an electronic application in lieu of decades of acquired smarts. And of late, being a member of the local blog-agensia has gotten stale.

For instance, most of the polibloggers in NEPA are lobbying very hard for a second term for Baroke Oblahblah. In other words, they are beckoning you to reward the abject failure of all know presidential failures.

Sorry, but I cannot feature self-serving dishonesty poised as enlightened commentary. On November the 7th, they’ll be telling you how the sky is going to fall just as soon as the opposite camp assumes control of the White House come January 2013.

Anyway, even though it’s been all-consuming to me for months, I’m done with trying to help expose the obvious inadequacies of the imposter-in-chief.


On a more local note, the activist crazies are sure to have the phlegm flying now that Mayor Tom Leighton has announced that tax and fee increases are about to become a part of Wilkes-Barre’s new reality.

Is it just me, or are the crime watch folks, the taxpayer association folks, the Wake Up Wilkes-Barre defamation folk and the Independent Gazette folks not the same half-dozen folks spewing the same incendiary and vitriolic messages over and over again while all the while pretending to be disassociated groups?

Isn’t that a tad dishonest? And why is it that the local press pretends not to notice? Deadlines, I suppose. And what better exclamation point could be added to a submitted news blurb than the ranting and raving of those armed with mean-spirited banalities?

The country is broke, the state is broke, but Mayor Tom Leighton should be tarred, feathered, drawn and quartered for having to adjust on the fly during what the economically pragmatic have repeatedly called an economic depression?

That’s utter poppycock.

And to those who would stupidly suggest that he should somehow be held responsible for demographic upheaval, an illegal invasion and seemingly accelerating societal decay, well, don’t ever allow your persistence coupled with high volume to be mistaken for brilliance.

There are many cities equating the size of this one with volunteer fire departments, privatized services and much lesser-staffed police departments. And I can guarantee you that those cities are not completing high-profile projects, overseeing the rejuvenation of a once shuttered downtown or in the midst of the planning for more aforementioned projects.

There are activists in most of our local municipalities. But only in Wilkes-Barre do the so-called activists (candidates) constantly tell all who could hear them or who could read their words that Wilkes-Barre has absolutely no redeeming qualities, no amenities, no attractions, and that all of it’s elected and appointed leaders are soon destined for the hoosegow.

Liars lie.

Our mayor first took office in 2004. The first signs of our comeback from insolvency and irrelevance began in 2006. And he’s been trying to stave of the paralyzing and polarizing effects of an economic depression ever since.

And if there is a actually a capable replacement among the half-dozen “activists” relentlessly sniping away at him from a half-dozen inter-related organizations, they have yet to rear their ugly fat head.

Sez me.

Them’s all I got.


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