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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dad's fiddle

Check this pap from WILK's Steve Corbett:

Mayor Tom Leighton Should Tell Voters The Truth

Tell them what? That he may or may not have a penned a letter on his own time in support of a friend in need? Is there something ignoble about that?

Where does this stop, Steve? Should Leighton have to provide copies of every letter he's ever written to you? And all because he thinks very little of you, as well as that shout-fest you call conversing?

The fact of the matter is, now matter how that premeditated encounter worked out, Corbett would have twisted the results (yes, no, maybe) which ever way he needed to to slam his favorite target.

Personally, I'm happy my mayor turned his back on this self-aggrandizing buffoon. I and also hope that mayor did not turn his back on a friend, no matter his name, his elected or appointed position, or what his legal problems may be.

Hey, Corbett? Did you ever have a friend get themselves in trouble? If you did, did you turn up your nose and turn your back on them in their hour of need? Sure sounds like it.

WILK: News, talk and now thuggery.

There's less than a month remaining before next we vote, so you in the local blogging community know what that typically means.

Out of the cove base they come, new poliblogs looking to swing local elections:

Pennsylvania's Political Clouds

Although, while still in it's infancy, it seems to be fairly well done. Further posts will tell the tale, though.

Check it out.

And look at what I ran across on Meade Street...

An A for effort, I'd say. We're all entrusted with a vote, and we're ll entitled to our opinions.

But staying abreast of current events, don't let the A.T.F. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Foodstuffs) catch you with a container of salt. The Fedrule Govmint has begun it's War on Salt.


I was at the courthouse earlier today as ATF agents were executing a federal search warrant on the offices of all three of our commissioners. And from what I could see, all of the snack crackers, pretzels and potato chips were confiscated from the vending machines.


I received this rather large package by way of the USPS yesterday afternoon. And my first thought was of Kayak Dude. Holy moley, what has he got up his sleeve now, I thought.

But then I glanced at the large return address label, which had also made the trip direct from Colorado. And instantly, I knew what the carton contained. Well, at least, somewhat.

Contained within that carton was my father's violin and case, which I have a photo of him circa 1949 fiddling away on. As well as photos of him playing a guitar, the drums, a piano and a trumpet.

While this may sound stupid and overly sentimental, my heart raced. Never since 1962 have I laid eyes on anything that was my father's. And especially something that was so personal--his violin.

Cousin Anne ( previously unbeknownst to me but a few short months ago) also sent along a slick video loaded with previously unseen photos of the Cour clan that I had missed out on growing up with. Or even knowing about.

And lost in the paper packing materials, but found some time later, was this little wooden box presumed to have been constructed by my dad while in wood shop or some such thing. Again, while this too may sound dumb, I found this little box to be quite fascinating.

And I sat here studying it's every scratch, dent and the numbers and such scribbled on it. I figured that, when my dad was a kid, this box was probably important to him. Perhaps within this box he kept the little nothings, the do-dads and the like that were important to him. Amazing. One of those, 'if I could cry, I would have' moments.

Can you imagine him showing up here one day soon only to find that long-forgotten 70-year-old, smallish wooden box of his sitting here? He be floored. Or accuse me of burglary.

Cousin Anne, you have no idea, nor will you ever understand what an equally thrilling and unique experience you have provided me with. One that I've never experienced before. One that I never thought I would have.

Anne, a heartfelt thank you.

It's kind of surreal to have family heirlooms without ever having met the family.

P.S.--could you email me that photo of my dad when he was five? I want to flash-drive that one and head down to CVS.



Big Dan said...

I don't even like Leighton, but Corbett attacks politicians who don't do as HE says, as if they spend all day listening to his show. He'll say something about a politician, and then use his drunk with power radio show to basically blackmail the person to call them, or he'll use his airwave time to attack them for not calling them. It's really abuse of power. Corbett is unprofessional. Everything revolves around Corbett for Corbett. It's all about HIM: if someone doesn't call HIM back, he uses his airwave podium to basically blackmail them into calling him, as if they have nothing better to do. He doesn't care who he trashes, he's a provocateur. He's a bad guy.

Big Dan said...

He picks someone, attacks them, then blackmails them to call him and if they don't, he starts the "we/us/mob" thing: "He's disrepecting us by not calling me. Let's get him!!!"

Anonymous said...

I find it humerus that the guy who perpetually looks in need of a good bath, Steve Corbett, would take a shot at the mayor's lack of hair.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is a rabble rouser and an asshole. It is time we stop giving him his much craved attention.