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Monday, April 5, 2010

Closure watch

This one is fast developing.

From today's Times Leader:

Forensic specialist called to examine skeletal remains
Edward Lewis elewis@timesleader.com

WILKES-BARRE - A forensic anthropologist will be called into to assist in the examination of skeletal remains found in a wooded area near Roaring Brook Drive in Hunlock Township, Luzerne County Coroner John Corcoran said on Monday.

Corcoran said forensic pathologist Dr. Gary Ross conducted a preliminary examination of the skeletal remains at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital Monday afternoon.

Corcoran said information about the preliminary examination is not being released until a forensic anthropologist, a bone specialist, inspects the skeletal remains.

State police at Shickshinny said the skeletal remains were discovered down an embankment off Roaring Brook Road late Friday afternoon by two men riding ATVs in the area.

Corcoran said many bones were collected from the location used as an illegal dumping ground.
State police Lt. Richard Krawetz, criminal unit supervisor, said the investigation is continuing.

What are the odds that best friends would both go missing? And what are the odds that one person would be the last to see both of them alive?

Follow these links and read the sites before you proceed any further.



Interesting circle of friends, Steve Martin, Hugo Selenski and last but not least, Ed Rudalski, Phylicia's live-in boyfriend at the time of her disappearance.

And consider that, just before going missing, Phylicia had told her mother, Pauline Bailey, that she knew where Jennifer was buried, that she was buried in Martin's basement, an assertion that Bailey scoffed at.

And also consider that the neighbor's accounts given to the State Police on the night of Phylicia's troubling disappearance cast serious doubts on her boyfriend's testimony, as well as Steve Martin's testimony.

This one would have fallen below the radar for me a long time ago, except for the fact that I met Phylicia while she was working at the Pump 'n' Pantry on Route 118. And she seemed to be a happy-go-lucky, cute, smiley kid. Plus the fact that something smelled rotten on this one right from the word start.

I'm hoping to hear the word "closure" any day now.

Sad, but there it is.


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