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Monday, April 12, 2010

Oblahblah is dangerously naive

When a U.S. president endeavors to sign treaties with our, ahem, enemies, that would reduce the overall number of deployed nuclear weapons, as well as suspend the upgrading of our nuclear weapons technology itself, that’s a big deal. If that’s not newsworthy, then nothing is.

Yet, even after Oblahblah did such a thing by signing a non-proliferation agreement with the Russians, the world’s second-most nuclear weapons power, the local blogosphere has been strangely quiet about it.

Locally, I expected the lefties that dominate this blogging market to be heralding this agreement as the best thing since sliced Tofu. Yet, there was nothing. Not a single reference was made of it. And I’m wondering why?

What, did that malformed health care bill, that boondoggle in the making fill many with the trepidation that should have followed that obvious mistake? And does Oblahblah approaching the Russians from a position of weakness unnerve some, or most of you? It's getting to the point that the deafening silence is almost tantamount to a vote of "no confidence."

And how about that maddening illogic about how we’d retaliate if attacked with chemical or biological weapons on our own soil?

If the aggressor state is compliant with all U.N.-mandated nuclear non-proliferation requirements, we promise not to retaliate with nuclear weapons. Oh, but if that aggressor nation is not compliant, then all bets are off.

Doe anybody follow that complete and utter illogic?

If you sucker punch me in the eye with a roll of dimes clenched in your fist, I might not go apesh*t on your ass. Probably not. Oh, but if you pop me in the eye with a roll of quarters contained therewith, I will bring everything I have.

Make any sense?

The thing I found infuriating about this agreement that could still be rejected by our legislators is the fact that Oblahblah--the former community organizer--wants to reduce each facet of the Triad principle equally.

The Triad is the deployment of nuclear weapons on land, in the air and under the sea. As in, silo-based ICBMs here in the states, nuclear-armed B-52s and other heavy aerial platforms in the air at a moments notice, and submarine-based ICBMs as well.

And more than anything at our disposal, what the Russians fear the most is the missile boats lurking somewhere fathoms deep in the oceans of the world. Yes, they run silent as well as deep. And defensively speaking, you cannot defend against something you can not account for. Er, cannot find.

Yet, our know-it-all community organizer thinks nothing of seriously reducing our underwater component of the Triad nuclear defense. Or more rightly put, our most feared offensive nuclear component.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: it can’t happen here. Yeah, well tell that to the relatives of those people that snuffed it when those two skyscrapers collapsed in NYC nine years ago.

But take note of the fact that while Oblahblah is handing the Russians an unexpected gift on a bent knee, meanwhile, the Russians have done absolutely nothing to forestall the burgeoning nuclear weapons programs in both Iran and North Korea.

As a matter of fact, not only have the Russians fought against any U.N. sanctions being levied against those two rogue nations, they have offered technical assistance in the development of both of those countries nuclear weapons programs. What they seek is further nuclear proliferation as a way of further destabilizing things for the “West.”

So, for me, it’s obvious that Barack Oblahblah is in over his swelled head.

And as a defecting Soviet KGB agent said to his CIA handlers some years ago, “You can trust to Soviets to do exactly as they say,” i.e., slowly but surely crush the U.S.

And the recent actions of the Russian leadership suggests that nothing has changed. All that’s changed is that we have a supremely naïve man remaking our nuclear policies.

During my formative years in Connecticut, home to the world’s largest nuclear submarine base, as part of our Boy Scouts training we were taught what to do in the event that a mushroom cloud should suddenly appear on the horizon…duck and cover.

And then run home, cover the basement windows with soil, and then retreat to the basement with canned goods, all the water you could carry, all the medical supplies at your disposal, a flashlight, a transister radio and hopefully, an endless supply of batteries.

And now, all these years later, I have a naïve president that thinks “duck and cover” is an outdated concept, simply because he thinks it can’t happen here.

Iodine pills, anyone?


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