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Monday, March 7, 2011

Council race update

As per the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections Web site, we've got a few new entrants to the Wilkes-Barre City Council race.

In District C, Stephen J. Urban (R) is in. No, not the county commissioner, his son.

In District D, Linda J. Urban (R), yes, the commissioner's wife is on the ballot.

And in District E (Nord End), Darren G. Snyder has declared as a Democrat.

Prospective candidates have until 4:30 tommorow afternoon to file their nominating petitions with the election bureau folks, so expect Stephen A. Urban, yes, our republican turned democrat lame-duck county commissioner to waltz in there well after 4 p.m.

Be he a last-second candidate for magistrate, mayor, council, squirrel catcher or all of the above...who really gives a flying fu>k? He's about as over as is the three commissioner system. Thank goodness.


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