ssǝɹddns ɹou ɹɐǝɟ ɹǝɥʇıǝu plnoʍ ʎʇǝıɔos ǝǝɹf a that ƃuıʇnɔolɯnɔɹıɔ suıɐʇuoɔ ǝʇıs sıɥʇ

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is it, the entire grandrodent gang.

I do not remember the name of this lake down Knoxville way. Let's just call it Yankees Suck Sound, shall we?

Anyway, that big galoot on the left is my son, but going from left to right from him on over...Taylor Kate, Avery Jayce, Jeremy Nate, Gage Andrew and last but certainly not least...Zachary Bryce.

My younger daughter tells me she is going to be with child before the biological clock gets too, too wound up, so the rodent roster should be enlarged before you know it.

Just what the world needs, yet another descendant of mine.


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